How to determine your Jeep Liberty's build date

Determining your Liberty's build date is pretty easy. If you open your driver's side door, you will find a label similar to the one pictured above. It will be stuck to the edge of the door or may be on the door jamb itself. There is a lot of information on this label, but as far as the build date is concerned, we are only interested in two of the numbers, which are circled in the photo above and identified as "A" and "B".

Once you've got those two numbers, you can plug them into the calculator below or if you'd prefer to work it out for yourself, scroll down to the "Manual Method".

Build Date Calculator

(Also checks for repair kit availability.)
A:   -
(1 - 02)
(01 01 00)


This vehicle was built on ?? ??, ?? sometime between ?? and ??.

Once you have the boxes to the left filled in correctly, you can press the Submit button to see which window regulator repair kits are available for your vehicle.

As you manipulate the listboxes in the calculator above to make "A" and "B" match your vehicle's label, the bold numbers will change to match. (This just shows the numbers displayed in the listboxes in a more readable format - closer to what is displayed on your door jamb label.) Also, the blurb to the right of the numbers will update to tell you the vehicle's build date. All of the above happens in realtime, as long as you have a Javascript enabled web browser. However, even if your web browser doesn't support Javascript, you can still use the calculator - just select the proper data in the listboxes and then click the "Submit" button. This will pull up another page which will contain all of the info that would have been displayed by the realtime Javascript, and it will also tell you which repair kits are available for your vehicle, based on its build date.

Manual Method of Determining Build Date

A This number can be found at the top center of the label, just below the text "DATE OF MFR".

It is actually two numbers, separated by the dash, and it represents the month and year of manufacture in the format M-YY. So, in the label pictured above, the number 3-03 indicates that this vehicle was built in March of 2003. (12-05 would be December 2005, 5-06 would be May 2006, etc.)

B This number can be found at the bottom left of the label. It is six digits long and is the first number under the barcode.

It represents the month, day and hour of manufacture in the format MMDDHH. So, in the label pictured above, the number 033109 indicates that this vehicle was built March 31 during the 9am hour.

As you can see, the "month" part of "A" is actually redundant, since it is repeated in "B", so all we really care about from "A" is the year. Also, for the purposes of determining whether or not my repair kit will work on your Liberty, we only really care about the first four digits of "B" - only the month and day of manufacture are relevant, not the exact hour.

Putting all of this together, the example vehicle in the label above was built on March 31, 2003 during the 9am hour.

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