Vacuum Tree

This is a vacuum tree designed to be screwed into the back of the Mopar Performance MPI intake manifold and provide you with up to six 1/8" through 3/8" vacuum ports.

Note: Although this vacuum tree was initially designed for the Mopar Performance MPI intake manifold, it will actually work in any vehicle which has a 3/8 NPT threaded hole with enough clearance in that location to screw the tree in place.

The picture on the left shows the CNC machined aluminum housing along with the main 3/8 NPT nipple, and the "standard configuration" of 1/8 NPT barbs and block-offs. The picture on the right shows how it all comes together to create a vacuum tree (just in case it wasn't already obvious) :-)

I designed the vacuum tree such that it can be customized for your particular needs, and so that it can change to fit any future configuration you may have in mind. The tree has six ports, each of which can be configured as one of the following: The only difference between a barb and a barb with a cap is that the barb with a cap comes with a rubber cap which can be used to cap off the barb. You should order a barb without a cap if you know you are going to use the barb right away. However, if you want to have a barb available to use in the future, you can order a barb with a cap, and when you are ready to use that barb, you simply have to remove the cap instead of unscrewing a block-off and screwing in a barb. A block-off is simply a threaded brass plug which blocks off a particular port. You should use one of these for each port that you don't plan to use.

Some MPI Manifold/Dodge Truck specific info:

You need one 3/8" barb for the PCV and one 3/8" barb for the brake booster. That leaves 4 ports remaining. If you have cruise control, you will also need a 1/4" barb for that. (Which would leave 3 remaining ports.) To make ordering a kit as painless as possible, if you do not specify a custom vacuum tree configuration, I will give you the "standard configuration". This consists of two 3/8" barbs, one 1/4" barb, three block-offs, and one 1/4" cap. This will allow you to hook up your PCV and brake booster, as well as your cruise control, if you have it. If you do not have cruise control, the 1/4" cap can be used to cap off the 1/4" barb.

You may configure the tree any way you like; there is no additional charge.

No instructions are included with this vacuum tree, so please make a note of the following info:

SP01011 - Vacuum Tree $39.95
Vacuum tree configuration: 

Note: unfortunately this product is no longer available
Manifold only:

You can also order the vacuum tree bare, which means you will receive only the manifold itself; it will not come with the 3/8 NPT nipple and there wil be no barbs, block-offs or caps included. What you will receive is a manifold with one 3/8 NPT threaded hole and six 1/8 NPT threaded holes.

SP01011 - Vacuum Tree Manifold $24.95
Note: unfortunately this product is no longer available
Extra fittings:

If you would like more barbs, caps, etc. than the ones included with the manifold itself, or if you would like to order different/additional barbs to use with your previously purchased vacuum tree, you can order those below. To do so, simply select the quantity of each item that you would like in the table below and then click the "Add to Cart" button below the table to add them all to your cart.

$1.95 1/8" barb
$0.95 Rubber cap for 1/8" barb
$1.95 3/16" barb
$0.95 Rubber cap for 3/16" barb
$1.95 1/4" barb
$0.95 Rubber cap for 1/4" barb
$1.95 5/16" barb
$0.95 Rubber cap for 5/16" barb
$1.95 3/8" barb
$0.95 Rubber cap for 3/8" barb
$1.95 block-off
$5.95 3/8 NPT nipple for manifold end

Note: unfortunately this product is no longer available

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