Inline radiator hose temperature sensor adapter
(For 1 1/2" ID radiator hose)

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This is a CNC machined aluminum adapter designed to mount inline into a 1 1/2" ID radiator hose. There are two versions of this adapter; one has a 1/8 NPT threaded hole, and the other has a 3/8 NPT threaded hole. This will allow you to put a temperature sensor in your radiator hose. This could be useful if you are looking to add an auxiliary water temperature gauge but do not have a port in the intake manifold or water pump to mount the sensor. The adapter also includes two stainless steel hose clamps and installation instructions.

These adapters will work in any vehicle which has a 1 1/2" ID radiator hose that has about four inches worth of straight section for the adapter to be mounted in. Please be aware that no coolant will flow through your upper radiator hose until the thermostat opens. Therefore, a sensor mounted in the upper radiator hose will read under-hood temperature until your thermostat opens, at which point it will begin reading the engine coolant temperature.

To install the adapter, you simply cut your radiator hose in the location where you want to mount the adapter, slip it in place, and use the supplied hose clamps to tighten it down. Then, screw your temperature sensor into the threaded port. If your temperature sensor requires a ground, the 1/8 NPT version includes a ring style electrical terminal which you can thread the sensor through. The 3/8 NPT version includes a grounding screw and quick-disconnect terminal on the side of the adapter itself.

Note: The 3/8 NPT version normally includes a ground screw, however I also have a limited quantity of this adapter in the 3/8 NPT size which does not have the grounding screw provisions. These will work just fine for a temperature sensor which supplies its own ground wire (normally these are 2 wire sensors). This version can also be provided a ground by slipping your ground wire between the adapter and the hose.

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Inline radiator hose temperature sensor adapter
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