Handlebar Vibration Dampener Conversion Kit

(Converts SP50003) into SP50001

I sell two different styles of vibration dampeners for Suzuki Intruders. One type is designed for folks with 2000 and newer bikes who want to keep their stock grips and bar-end weights. The other style is for folks with Intruders older than 2000 or who have replaced the stock grips on their 2000-up bike.

This kit allows people who have purchased the "2000-up" style dampeners to use them on a pre-2000 Intruder. This might be useful if you were using the 2000-up style on a newer bike, and want to transfer them to an older one, or perhaps you were using my dampeners on your 2000-up bike and have decided to switch to aftermarket grips. (Switching to aftermarket grips will eliminate the stock bar-end weights which means the 2000-up style retaining system won't work.)

This kit contains two steel 6mm-1.0 machine screws, three rubber retaining strips and the installation instructions for the pre-2000 version of the vibration dampeners. (These are the same instructions that you would receive if you were to purchase the SP50001 vibration dampeners.)

SP50005 - Suzuki Intruder Handlebar Vibration Dampener Conversion Kit
  (pre-2000 to 2000-up)

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