Some comments received by the MPI Intake Manifold Installation Kits

Note: The specific product that these testamonials are referring to is no longer available through Steiger Performance.
I have decided to leave these comments here simply for reference.

"I got Jon's install kit and am most impressed [with] the extreme Jon went to so this would be easy to understand..Great instructions and Pictures, Well put together in a binded Folder...Plus the parts you need to make it painless."

"Your book is worth its weight in gold, Mopar's sheet leaves a lot to be desired..."

"Jon is right on,, not to worry,be sure to get his install kit.Marvelous"

-- Ted in MD

"Finally completed installation of the MPI. Thank you, Jon Steiger, for the wonderful install kit and great install manual."

"Again, I want to thank Jon Steiger for doing the enormous R&D grunt work and putting out a kit which makes adapting this performance mod for our magnum 8s as painless as possible."

-- Bob in ON

"... I wouldn't even attempt this mod if it wasn't for Jon's kits!"

-- Mike in TX

"ANYONE going to tackle the MPI install do yourself a favor you won't regret and get one of the kits from Jon. I installed mine the same time Jon did and it was a pain in the butt trying to round up all those extra needed parts and figuring out the hard way what works and what doesn't. The only thing that saved me from finding that manifold in pieces was that the truck was already tied up waiting on BO parts from the wonderful Mopar Performance Parts people. If I had tried to do it in a weekend project and needed the truck I would have been out of luck. Jon has done a super job of making a Mopar Per Parts half supplied half assed project into a easy task. I don't know what drives this guy to burdening himself to help out others but do yourself a favor and use one of the kits if ya go for the MPI. I really thought they would cost more than he is charging especially with the machining work he had to have done but some how he kept them very affordable. But Jon why didn't you have these when I put mine on?"

-- Bill in NY

"It would be prudent to seriously consider purchasing one of these kits. I had already started collecting parts for mine before Jon finished the kit but in hindsight - I wished I had it during the install. Even after 2 weeks of collecting parts, I still had to pause the install and made 4 trips to autoparts stores and home improvement type stores in order to complete my install of the MPI. Good thing I had a friend over with an extra vehicle or I would have been walking 8-)"

-- Shane in TN

"HUGE thanks to Jon Steiger for expediting the install kit to me, his machine work is far superior to ma Mopar's MPI standards."

-- Jon in NC

"P.S. Many thanks to Jon!!! The MPI-install kit sure made life a whole lot easier."

-- Geoffrey TX

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