Comments received for the 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee Power Window Regulator Repair Kit

Worked great. Clear easy to understand instructions. Took me about an 1 1/2 hours total. Nice job. Thanks

--Ken in MA

I just finished installing the Jeep cherokee power window fix and it works perfectly. I had my window braced up with wooden dowels for about four years--I just couldn't bring myself to pay a dealer 500 or more dollars to repair it for me. The instructions provided were worth the price of the kit alone! Took me about 2 hours total, and it works better than new.

--Charles in LA

I recently purchased a window regulator repair kit for my 97 Jeep Cherokee. I wanted to contact you to let you know how great a product you have. I recieved my package in only a few days and had no problems installing it. The job wasn't easy by no means, but the instructions provided were detailed and easy to follow. I can't express how nice it is to read directions from someone who has actually done the work themselves. Thanks again,

--Nathan in NC

Just finished installing a Cherokee window repair kit. Thanks for making a reasonable solution for a poorly engineered problem. I have a second kit for when the other side fails.

--Dan in MT

Great product! extremely fast shipping!!!!

Excellent product!!!! saves a ton of money and is very durable. A+++

--Carlos in AZ

Item worked as described, saved $$$$$$

--Bruce in IN

Great product. Replace cheesy factory regulator parts with this stuff. Thanks.
Jon, Thanks again for your help. It works great.

--Jim in NY

Nice package and very detailed great after install

--Frederick in IL

Fast shipment, window works great , saved $125 versus new window assembly thanks

--Michael in VA

WoW! This really get work! Saving almost 300 dollars! Thank you!

--Zhi in TX

Good Product. Fast Shipping.

--Henry in MD

Very fast shipping. And the kit works perfect.

--Yue in GA

GREAT PRODUCT! Worked perfectly for the fix and saved $$$! VERY FAST SHIPPING!

--Scott in CA

Well , my window is finally working properly like new. Great product from Steiger Performance.

--xjpro in FL

Awesome, this product works perfect! Great idea and excellent seller! Thanks!!

--Stacy in CO

Nice item. I like the idea of being able to fix a good piece.

I just wanted to let you know what a good way to repair an otherwise throw away part. My only problem was getting some dirt on the guide and made it get tight as it was operating. I had to clean and use silicone to lubricate them. Otherwise it was a great fix. Thanks for your inguenity and good product.

--Duane in PA


--David in PA

great item, worked great

--Wade in SC

Jeep window repair kit. Very Happy Thank You Very Much!!! I wll let others know.

--Fernando in CA

Smooth transaction, fast shipping, item worked as advertised, good seller!!!!

--Rudy in AZ

Great product, Fast shipping

--Kevin in MO

fast shipping, 40 minute fix, great product thanks

--Greg in CA

Easy to work with, great product, fast fast fast shipping

--Phillip in SC

I just wanted to let you know I just installed one of your brackets in my 2000 Cherokee and I love it. I've made many modifications to this vehicle myself and your directions were by far the easiest I've ever seen. Love the product.

--Troy in PA

Item worked great. Fast shipping, thanks, Girlfriend really happy.

--Gabriel in CA

I repaired my Jeep power window regulator today and it works great! Thanks for putting this product out and for the excellent instructions.

--Pete in OH

Great item detailed directions and fast shipping.

--Amanda in ME

Great product & instructions, fast to recieve.

--Lanu in WA


You are a genius! I was reluctant to purchase the kit because of the whole drilling out rivets part of the instructions, something I had never done before and I could see myself turning the whole regulator into a heap of twisted hole ridden metal! However, I thought the $44 investment was reasonable given the fact that I had three estimates for repairing the window which ranged from $550 to $800. Even purchasing the window regulator from the dealer was $280. It took only two hours from start to finish to take the regulator out, repair it and reinstall. Your instructions were wonderful. The hardest part was getting the grease off my hands and nails! I applaud and thank you for your ingenuity and entrepreneurship!! Thanks again, Jon.

--Imelda in CO

good product,great directions,window works great...thanks.....

--Jeff in CT

Awesome product. Super fast shipping and well pleased.

--Rick in AL

Very fast and very helpful, what a neat item, saved me a bundle! Thanks.

--Tony in KS

Fast shipping, worked great, better than new, easy to install

--Joe in OH

Great item. Very fast shipping

--Janis in KS

Very fast shipping. very easy to install. Great seller

--Charles in LA

Excellent seller. Item works fine. Recommend seller. Fast shipper.

--Kevin in TN

I ordered the jeep regulator repair kit from you on e-bay. Just thought id let you know your a genius-the product worked great. thanks!!!!

--Kathy in Ontario, Canada

Lightning fast transaction. Thanks for the cheap fix!

Just a quick thanks again for the window part. Finally had a chance to install it this weekend. The directions were well written and the install was as smooth as could be. This is a fantastic fix to an annoyingly expensive problem. Thanks again.

--Jim in CA

Awesome product, easy install, clear instructions A++++++++++++++

What an awesome fix for the window, saved me about $130 and it was soooooo easy to replace!! Thanks for the awesome product

--Randy in KY

Excellent product , fast shipping , will buy again

--Thomas in VA

good instructions, fast delivery.

--Jack in AZ

very fast transaction, item arrived as advertised, quick shipping, excellent

--Dan in WI

Great product. Installed with no problems.

--Carl in FL

The Repair kit works very well, thanks for the detailed instructions they helped

--James in IL

Exactly as described and super fast shipping! Recommended! Thanks!

--Edward in IN

Window works like new! Installation instruction were very descriptive.

--Rory in KY

Super fast shipping! Works perfectly! Thanks alot!

--Robert in PA

Awesome FIX! After reading this string, it described my problem exactly & this fix was perfect. I didn't look forward to diving into a power window fix --who does?-- but Steiger's instructions were excellent & made it easy. the price is now $39, but well worth it!

--Mark in NY

The above listed repair route is the way to go. I did my drivers window a couple of weeks ago - took less then 2 hours and saved around $150.00

--Charles in GA

great seller finally someone with the right part

--Courtney in WV

Excellent product. Up and running in an hour. Thanks!

--Adam in MI

Awesome Seller, Product worked on both driver and passenger sides as said. Great Product, Fast Shipping, and Saved Lots of Money...

--John in GA

Great transaction. product exactly as described. I Recomend the jeep window part

--Jason in OH

Thanks for the easy fix.

--Blaine in KY

Thank you for sending the Jeep Window repair kit so quick. I got it on Monday. Just installed it this morning and it took 1.5 hours. It works great. I will be telling all my friends about this kit. You save me at least $250.00. The Jeep dealership near my house wanted to charge 254.00 for the regulator, plus labor. Thanks for making a good product.

--Tung in CA

Great seller If any of my other windows malfunction I know where to go =)

--Darrel in CA

brilliant. works like a charm.

--Matt in WA

Very smooth purchase, Fast shipping,Well packed,Great Instructions!!

--Jerry in GA

Just finished putting you window repair kit on and it works great easy installation and a savings of $500 over having the shop install a new one.

--Tim in VA

++++ Great cheap fix for my window. Great illustrations!!

--Wesley in OR

Great Fix!! Finally got pieces installed - window working fine!

--Maria in MI

very satisfied with product worked great i can roll my window up and down

--Luis in TX

Great paying dealer $350 parts and labor...super fast shipping

--Paul in PA

Great product. Great seller.

--Keith in KY

I just finished installing your retrofit kit and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. After inspecting the poor design of the OEM part it is easy to see both its failure mode as well as why it fails so easily. As an engineer I have to say I am appalled. Even if the manufacturer ever offers a reasonable retrofit kit I hope your business flourishes since you offer it well in advance. Given the revenue loss however, I am sure the service/parts departments would surely not advocate for improvement. An order of magnitude cost savings is simply awesome, and a far better part to boot is a combination worth celebrating. I am glad I also ordered a part for the 'ok' door so I can change it out before it fails as well. (I wonder what happens with all the perfectly OK motors/drives that are changed out over the failure of a simple substandard quarter size plastic part.....)

Thank you also for the prompt e-mail answers to my question as well as fast delivery of the kit itself. A real class operation. Good Luck and thanks,

--Pat in OH

what a great part! did the trick perfectly! thanks! A++++

--Victoria in OH

kick a## repair easy to follow instructions

--John in AR

Excellent product, very fast shipping and delivery. A+++ seller

--David in PA

fast great...thanks

--James in PA

Very good product and and very fast service

--George in PA

took less than hour to install, works great, saved me at least $300.00

--Mike in OH

Super idea! Your repair kit made my day! That works well! Merci beaucoup!

--Jean-Luc in Quebec, Canada

After three years I can put away my clear packaging tape..tyvm Jon, nice product

--Mark in NV

I received my Jeep Cherokee window repair kit today and I just wanted to say thank you for producing a simply brilliant fix! I had everything all taken apart beforehand and was ready to install the part as soon as it came. Your instructions were great and my window works perfectly now. I didn't pay close attention the first time around and I put the motor gear on backwards when it slipped off the motor. After reviewing your instructions again, I realized exactly what I did wrong and had to pull the regulator out and fix it. I'll probably be ordering another repair kit for the drivers side window very soon. Thanks again for a great product!

--Mike in MA

This piece worked great! Easy and detailed instructions.Thanks man.

--Christopher in PA

Excellent product, quick delivery, Cheers

--Chris in South Yorkshire, UK

Fast Shipping! Excellent Instructions! Fixed my problem!

--Norman in KS

Great customer service! Part works 100%

--David in Alberta, Canada

Nice part!!!!!!!Excellent instructions!!!!!!!!!Very happy!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!!!!!!!

--Chris in IN

Fast ship, great product & instructions. Took about 1.5hrs & saved me $300 thank

--Micah in UT


--Tom in PA

Excellent product, Fast Ship, A+++Seller!!

--Joseph in MI

Saved me £169, works well. Good product, and good service. Thanks!

--Andrew in Lancashire, UK

fast shipping - saved me alot of money- thanks

--Donald in WV

Excellent Item, thoughtful engineeering, great instructions, worth the money!

--Benjamin in CA

Put it on in an hour! Fast turnaround. Saved me money! Thanks!

--John in TN

Don't hesitate to buy, works perfectly, this guy is a genius, thanks so much A++

--Derek in FL

Thanks for making life easy with this repair kit. Worked great.

--Eric in WI

Great little gizmo saved me lots !!!

--Steve in BC, Canada

Thanks. Just what I needed.

--Joshua in NV

Fast shipping and a great product A++++

--James in IN

Excellent product, item as described, will buy from again, A+++

--Gary in PA

I know of no other way to say it, you are the man. You saved me 230.00

--Jesse in VA

Great Product! Sonic Shipping.. If the other side breaks I will buy again....

--Shawn in IN

Fast shipping, Excellent quality product!

--Brian in FL

Thanks, it worked great!

--Amy in NC

SUPER FAST shipping. GREAT product. Finally fixed for good.

--Matt in AZ

Just wanted to tell you that the window repair kit I purchased from you worked perfectly. Your directions were great! I, like you, were to cheap to pay the dealer $250 for complete regulator and did not have the time to come up with the fix for this poorly engineered product, as you have. The quality of your product and instructions are first rate. I have booked marked your web site and will check back to see what other neat things you come up with. Thank you again.

--Christopher in NM

Great Part, Worked Perfectly, Thanks! Saved us alot of money!

--Lori in MI

spot on ebayer repair kit works perfectly many many thanks

--Dave in Derbyshire, UK

Great item! Worked like a charm on my 97 XJ! Easy to do!

--John in VA

Great seller! Instructions were excellent! My window works great now.

--Ann in SC

Excellent seller and product, extremely fast shipping, thanks again

--Gary in PA

Fast shipping. This really works and well A+++++++++

--Tommy in TX

Very innovative fix for a bad factory design, instructions were very detailed A+

--Brian in TN

Great part, well made. Easy to follow instructions. Lightning fast ship A++++

--Matt in VA

an excellent product, and an excellent person to deal with! totally reccommend!!

--Dan in Birmingham, UK

best experience on ebay ever. part and instructions perfect. highly recommend.

--Bob in TN

Great product, G-E-N-I-U-S

--Jake in SC

I just finished installing the window regulator kit for my 1999 Jeep Cherokee. Wow! It took 3 hours to do, but the instructions were right on the money, and everything works just great! I kept thinking of the money I saved during the process. I am happy, happy! Thanks!

--Brian in IN

Great seller. Excellent item. Works perfectly. You saved us a lot of $. Thanks!

--Norma in FL

Excelent Product, well worth the $$

--Ben in CA

I just wanted to say thankyou for the Jeep power window repair kit that you guys sell. I have a 99 Jeep Cherokee (actually its my girlfriends). This part fixed the windows and you have another satisfied customer. Thank you again,

--Cole in HI

Arrived quickly, works terrific, Thanks

Denise in VA

Perfect item, great instructions, fast shipping!

--Christa in FL

Worderful Idea... Thank you so much

--David in TN

This will be the second one the these that i buy. great product! thanks!

--John in GA

Well, mission accomplished. Install was easy. ... Thanks for saving me $$$ and headaches

--Rick in OH

fast shipping, excellent product, works great thanks a lot

--Nick in WI

good product, FAST Shipping, thanks.

--Chuck in NC

Fantastic!! Works great! Thanks! Will keep in touch if I every need another!

--Corey in AR

Great Product! Detail directions make installation easy !

--John in MA

Excellent seller, amazing product. Very highly recommended.

--Johnathon in NC

Great product, quick shipping, A++++

--Eric in NC

Ingenious product, prompt shipping, ideal written instructions, prompt assistance

--Ron in CA

Well made kit with great directions. Thank you!

--Greg in AL

Perfect item, great instructions, fast shipping! Works PERFECT!

--Chris in PA

Thanks! your Jeep window repair kit worked very well! And your instructions were very clear and easy to understand. I orderd two repair kits from you and saved at least a thousand dollar in Dealer Repair Cost! I will recomend your repair kit to my brothers and others who have Jeeps, that will have problems with their windows.

--Shannon in CO

WOW!! When the next regulator breaks (and it will) I will be back! Thank you!!

--Kurt in MD

awsome! just what was in the pic. fast shiping came with clear directions too

--Joshua in CT

Just installed the jeep window regulator repair kit. Easy installation, works great, very happy. Thanks!

--Rick in FL

works great! super fast shipping ,,THANKS

--Knut in AL

Great Product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Johnathan in GA

Instructions were very detailed.Installed on (2) windows in about 3 hrs.

--Roberta in IN

Great invention, clear instructions, saved real money - thanks

--Owen in NY

Excellent product. Clear, simple directions. Works exactly as described. AA+++++

--Carole in TN

I got your part and just wanted to say thanks a ton, that solved it perfectly, the directions were incredible and it all went together in about 30 minutes.

absolutely wonderful. Thanks.

--Jim in CA

As advertised, Product, Shipping, ETC. A+++++. I will buy from again.

--Ronald in TX

Item just as described! A++ Seller

--Alicia in NY

great idea to fix these stupid windows!

--Andrea in OH



--Chris in CT

GREAT item, fast shipping - excellent ebayer!

The Cherokee regulator repair kit is just awesome, took less than an hour, works great and saved me almost $400....GREAT idea. Thank you!

--Kevin in MI

outstanding deal A+++++++++++ seller

--David in CO

Awesome!! Great to deal with, great product!! Saved me a TON of money.

--Brian in IN

Thanks, Just as described,works great A+++

--Randy in OH

Extremely fast shipper and great customer service!!!

Thanks again for the speedy delivery, great write up and also the good customer is much appreciated, believe me!

--Andrew in CA

Unquestionable honesty and a fantastic product that works. Saved $$ Many thanks!

--John in Malta

Very Impressed. Replacment is well made and better/cheaper than orig replacment

--Tim in NH

Awesome. Worked and easy to install. Great Product. Great Instructions. A++++++

--Marcos in PR

I just received and installed your 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee Power Window Repair Kit. Your instructions were perfect, even to the "royal jam," which, of course, I had to deal with. What a brilliant little fix to an otherwise expensive ordeal. (The first window this happened to cost me plenty to repair a couple of years ago.) The whole job, including the unjamming of the plastic tip took maybe two and a half hours. The window works beautifully and I feel confident I'll not have to worry about it ever again. Kudos to to whoever decided to put this into production and double kudos to the person who wrote the excellent instruction sheet (with photos)!!

Many thanks from a very happy customer,

--Ron in CA

wonderful item, worked perfectly, please keep on market, will reccomend to friends

--Angela in GA


--Jon in CO

Great item, super seller, kit worked great, saved me $200 fast shipping A++++++

--Ted in OH

Awesome product Quick Shipping Great Communication!!!!

--Grant in MN

Great Product!!! Saved our customer lots of $$$$

--Dustin in KS

Perfect product, great write up, fast shipping!

Great fix!

--Mark in WI

Great item...Great instructions...Fast shipping...Can't get any better!

--Patrick in NJ

Excellent doing business with you. Great product & idiot proof instructions.....

--Dave in Ontario, Canada

Received my kit on Saturday and 1.5 hours later my window is working liking a new one. This kit is the cure. Thank you for providing this kit to the public and for the great illustrated instructions. I will be ordering a kit for my other window soon.

--Brian in VA


--Michael in MD

Recently purchased this kit and wanted to comment about what a quality, well engineered repair it is! Absolute genuis! To anyone reading this, don't hesitate...pull the trigger. This is THE way to repair this common problem that all 97 to 01 Cherokee owners have, or will experience. Nice piece. Thanks again!

--Scott in MO

Great design and quality made repair part.

--Thomas in WI

Great item, fast shipping, highly recommended!!

--Sarah in MI

Great seller, would by from again, great product (cherokee window repair kit)

--Matthew in MN

Seller was quick with shipping and provided me with a wonderful product. Thanks!

--Ed in WV

This is absolutely brilliant!!! Well worth every penny!! I'm sure I'll buy more.

--Joshua in WA

Great. Save some money and get this kit, especially for the passenger window.

--Cole in UT

Great price, fast shipping! A1 all the way!

--Judy in Ontario, Canada

Quick ship, great correspondence, excellent fix, would buy again!

--Jeff in KS

I received the repair kit Thursday and installed it yesterday. It works great and was pretty simple to install thanks to your very detailed instructions. I am very happy with the results and will be leaving +feedback shortly. Thanks

Excellent product and instruction. quick contact and shipping

--Owen in AL

Great product Great instructions Quick shipping Highly recommended seller & Kit

--Paul in VA

I rec'd/installed your neat kit and I'm very pleased.Thanks.

--Tom in WV

Great Kit. Works great. Fast Shipment. Thanks so much. AAA+ Seller

--Barb in WA

Item as described. Smooth Transaction. Great Product - Thanks Alot !

Jon - I received the repair kits last night. And had them both in in a couple of hours. I left you feedback on ebay. Great Product - Thanks Again

--Devon in IN

Purchased Cherokee Window Regulator Repair Kit and works great! Fast Shipping!

--Anthony in OH

excellent item,great instructions,worked great, will buy from again,quick ship 2

--James in NY

Best Ebay Seller EVER.. Awesome part, shipping, communication.. Thanks SO much

--Kevin in NC

Fantastic quick service! Part works beautifully. I will be ordering another!

--Courtney in GA

this part works great and very easy too put on thanks 4 saving me alot of money

--Tony in IN

Excellent item ! Arrived today. Window was fully restored in a couple of hours !

--George in GA


--Greg in CA

Excellent Product and Fast Shipping,Thank You!

--Scott in Ontario, Canada

Excelent Product, Saved Me Hundreds...Very Fast shipping...

--Christian in MA

Excellent product, Quick shipping, Thank you

--Roy in PA

Great product. Super fast shipping. Saved tons of $$$

--Danny in MO

Perfect Fix

--Terry in WV

Part works great!! Very clear instructions. Fast delivery. Saved me money!!

--Todd in ME

Part worked as advertised. Directions were great. Fast shipping.

--John in MD

Part worked perfectly. Saved me big bucks. Easy Instructions. AAA++ seller

--Daniel in GA

Great product!! Thanks so much for saving me $300!!

--David in SC

Great product, good idea man, these should be sold at Autozone.

--Rob in GA

Just wanted to let you know the repair kit is great. I wish I had seen your product when my passenger side regulator broke a year ago! Insturctions were very thorough, and the window is working like new.

Excellent product, works great, very fast shipping, thanks!

--Chris in PA

Very smart fix to an otherwise expensive issue. Good instructions, works great!

--Ryan in OH

Great product, great service, thanks!

--Connie in NC

Excellent product and instructions too!!!!

--Mike in KY

Exactly as described, read the directions and it's easy, excellent.

--Brian in MN

Very fast shipping , good old american inginuity!!!! Thanks for saving me $200

--Wayne in MI

Installed repair kit and it works great, easy to do took me about 1 1/2 hrs.

--Tony in NY

Great product, really easy fix would highly recomend, delivery to UK five days

--John in Essex, UK

Great product and service. Thanks

--Kent in CO

Saved me 300.00 bucks and i did it myself in an hour. and that says a lot. lol

--Joe in NC

Amazing product, saved me a great deal of money and time. A+++++

--Amber in MA

Very nice Thanks

--Thomas in MI

This piece worked perfectly, detailed instructions, came in two days.

--John in NJ

I ordered two kits from - and they arrived FAST. First off let me say, I am no mechanic... I would say technical, but in no right get bananas with taking a lot of the Jeep BS apart.

I started ripping into this project (Drivers door) around 12:30 early afternoon today and finished up around 3:00 after a few water / hotdog breaks, it's HOT in NC today.

I highly suggest that once completed, slam your favorite beverage!!

I did call the local Jeep dealer just for ****s and giggles, to see how much the factory regulator was going to set me back. $360!


Thank you!!!

--Cody in NC


--Giovanni in Reggio Calabria, Italy

Part was excellent, shipping was prompt. Delivery sucked due to Customs.

Finally got the part on tuesday and left positive feedback today. Very happy with the quality and fit of part. Really happy to be able to use my window again.

--Jim in Saskatchewan, Canada

Amazing Product!! Engineered well...easy to install, prompt and professional!!!!

It was very nice to get the instructions from your add prior to receiving it. I modified the bracket last night and installed to this evening. To repair this item I was going to have to replace the whole motor assembly and it was $314.00 from a dealer. I think the auto parts stores should be stocking this...

Thanks for your help...

I'l be sharing this with all my friends.

--Daryl in ME

Thank you the kit works great. Problem Solved. Will recommend to others!!!

--Jeremy in WI


--Paul in Powys, UK

great product. good design worked perfect, better than new

--Mike in MI

Fantastic product. Great directions. You're the best, Thanks.

--Richard in NH

Lightning delivery, excellent product.

--David in KS

This is a great fix.This is the second one I have purchased and they work great!

--Bill in PA

Just wanted to say everything worked great and got it done in about an hour. Thanks for making this!

--Kurt in GA

Hi Jon. I want to thank you for the wonderful product you provided. You truly saved me a ton of time and money. Your product, design, prompt shipping and instructions were impeccable. The installation was basically flawless and provided for an enjoyable 2 hour project.

Thanks again for such a great product. Hopefully I will not need do fix the other windows, but I'll know where to go if it happens.

--Ben in CO

Finished the install a little while ago. Fabulous product, but more importantly, fabulous instructions.

I first learned to tinker many years ago when I rode dirt bikes. My daughter, who starts college soon, drives my old Jeep Cherokee. I intend to keep it running as long as I can without spending alot of money.

When the passenger front power window stopped working, I did some general research on some do it yourself sites and decided to take a crack at it. When I pulled the door panel the mechanism was nothing like the geared lever arm that my general research told me to expect.

I went back to the Web and did some more specific searching. That is when I found your page starting with, "Are you listening to the window motor..." I checked out the instructions and ordered.

The installation went exactly as described in the incredibly detailed instructions.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide the level of information that made your product not just easy, but a pleasure to use.

--Peter in MA

The part arrived, I installed it in the Jeep, and everything is working great. The two hours of my time was well worth what I spent at the dealership to fix the driver's side window. Thank you!

--Daren in MN

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for spending the time to come up with that part to fix Cherokee window regulators . It worked perfectly! Thanks so much,

--Gary in NJ

I got my part in the mail yesterday and it worked great! I had little trouble installing it and my window works perfectly now! Thanks for the great solution and for me not having to buy a completely new regulator!

--Adam in GA

Jon, I wanted to thank you for shipping my power window repair kit so fast. I ordered on Firday and requested you try to ship it as soon as possible so I could have my windows fixed for a camping trip the next weekend. I actually received 3 days later on Monday! I was pretty excited so I installed it that night... easy, pain free process. I followed the instructions and everything went real smooth.

Thanks for the great money saving product!

--Scott in MI

The Jeep Cherokee repair kit is FANTASTIC!! I thank you for inventing such an easy and economical fix to an otherwise very expensive problem. I repaired my drivers side window in less than 2 hours and will buy another kit to repair the passenger side within a couple of weeks. Thanks again!

--Chris in OH

I bought your Jeep window repair kit.

Great product! The instructions were clear and easy to follow. This isn't an easy job by any means, so if you've got to do it, do it right! I'm much more confident in your metal part than I would be with a junkyard replacement or even a factory OEM part.


--Andrew in TX

Your Cherokee window repair kit performed exactly as advertised.Very good instructions. One thing you might want to add. On reassembly, make sure the tailpiece is inserted into the motor housing before threading the cable, otherwise you have to take it apart again. Believe me, I know. Great product.

--Greg in PA

Just finished repairing my 2000 Jeep with your 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee Power Window Repair Kit. Can't say thank enough. Those were the best instructions I've ever had for a repair of a system. Sure some items are just replacements and one removes and replaces the item. Your part fixes the problem and saves a lot of money. Plus one does not throw a bunch of good parts in the landfill. Thanks again. Oh yes, it only took me about 3 hours.

--Don in OR

Jon, I just wanted to say Thank you for all of the information. I am extremely impressed, you provide outstanding customer service.

--Lindsy in AZ

Your fix for the Jeep power window problem works great! Saved us lots of bucks. Thank you for your ingenuity!

--Jeff in TX

Hi Jon, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful product. All worked the first time as described in your color detailed instructions. I am software engineer and found the detailed steps very complete! The only issue I came across was the the front part of the window came out of the slot when trying to put up the window. All I did was unbolt the two window screws and put the window into the track. Then while applying pressure to the window re-bolted the window. Very simple!

Thank you again for the product.

--Bill in GA

This weekend, I performed the window repair. All went very well. Your detail instructions were great. I could not have performed the repair without them.

Instead of using a knife to cut the plastic piece away, I used my dremel tool with a cutting bit. I cut through the plastic with ease.

The dealer would have charged $$$$ more than I spent.

--Mike in SC

All I can say is wow! I have been a mechanical engineering student now for 3 years and these are the best instructions I have ever seen. Everything worked just as you said it would. My window that was slow before the inital part break is now the fastest one in the Jeep! Thank you so much for saving me a trip to the dealership and forking out my entire paycheck for such a simple fix! I will be suggesting this repair kit to anyone I know what has their window break on their Jeep. Thanks a ton!!!

--Mark in CO

Hi Jon, I received the kits in yesterday's mail. Thanks for the prompt shipping and a great product.

I put the first one in this morning. It took me about 1-1/2 hrs. I am sure it will be even faster in the future since I am now familiar with the procedure.

It may interest you to know:
  1. I used a Dremel tool with a cut-off disk to cut off the scrap gear. Quick and efficient.
  2. I had the problem with the plastic "sheath" stuck in the end of the tube. Tried a couple times to remove it with vise grip and pliers, then vise. It was really stuck. I quickly gave that up, reattached the motor and hooked up the switch in the XJ. I "toggled the switch back and forth a few times and it popped right out. I then removed the plastic and the "fuzz" very quickly with the wire wheel on one of my pedestal grinders.

Thanks for the great product and precise instructions. You are great!!

--Jim in IA

THANK YOU!! YOU ARE A GENIUS! It took my husband almost 2 hrs. but I finally got my window operating! Your instructions were great and very precise. I wanted to let you know that your fix worked!

--Rose in NY

Jon thankyou very much. My daughter lives 2 hours away [...]. Her 1997 jeep window regulator went bad. Using your article I removed the regulator from my 1997 jeep , carried it to her place this weekend and in 1/2 hour changed out the regulator . this amazed the family! Of course the little plastic spiral was broken ! I ordered the kit from you on her computer, and will be able to replace my window in about another 1/2 hour . There are no aftermarket ones available , a new one from jeep is $325 in Va and North Carolina and I bet they are still the same bad design! My hat is off to you for your thinking of this and getting in made and marketed! So folks want to save 275 bucks and a repair bill for labor ? This is one of the best thought out set of instructions I have ever seen!

--Jesse in VA

Thank's Jon, fast shipping, and very very good repair kit, work perfectly

--Gil in CA

I purchased a Jeep window kit off ebay, and wanted to thank you for the best written and documented instructions I used. GREAT JOB!

--Steve in NY

Great EbayerA+++++. Product as described. Will do business with again.

--Larry in VA

great kit, as described, quick shipping, would definitely buy from again

--Kip in MO

lightning fast delivery! would love to do business with again. a real pleasure.

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great fix fantastic instructions!

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Great item !This really saved my a bundle of money. Got this item very quickly!

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Great seller and great product! Fast shipment. A++++++++++++++++

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fantastic product, gr8 seller, couldnt be happier, xcellent communication!!!!!!!

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Great seller, Fast shipment, Installation was a breeze, Instructions were awesome

--John in PA

awesome product, works like a charm, bought 2 when other 1 breaks highly recommd

--Greg in AZ

I just got finished installing the repair kit, It works great! Thanks for saving me $60 or more. It was a very easy install also. I'm thinking about buying another one just incase the drivers side does the same thing.

Thanks again,

--Gary in NC

I recently purchased you're window regulator repair kit, I just wanted to let you know that the kit was more than successfull . I thought it was going to be a hard task but it took me no longer than an hour to do. I think you came up with a great idea and over all it was a great way to fix my moms jeep. I drive a grand cherokee limited and if you ever make any parts for that ill be glad to buy them from your website. thank you very much

--Joe in NY

Thanks sir, that part works perfect! I will be spreadin word of your kits & service

--James in CO

Hi Jon, I wanted to thank you for the XJ window repair kit. The quality is excellent, the instructions were spectacular and I appreciate your fine product. I will be forwarding the info to my local 4x4 shops so they may stock them out here and posting a review on my local 4x4 board.

Thanks again!

--Brian in WA

Worked like it was advertised, great fix, A+

--Robert in MD

Kit worked well

--Melissa in AZ

fast shiping and great parts

--Christopher in AR

Thanks again!! Both of my brothers front windows have been repaired with this!!

--Jeremy in WI

I recently purchased your repair kit and installed it over the weekend on my 99 Jeep Cherokee. Wanted to let you know the fix was pretty easy and the total time for repair was about 3 hours. Good job on the design and step by step instructions.

--Phil in CA


--Ronald in WA

Very detailed installation guide.Great! Works like a charm~ A++++++++

--Jennifer in TN

Excellent part, shipping, directions. Did the repair in 1.5 hours. Thanks for the help.

--Seth in IN

great parts thanx a bunch

--Josh in AZ

Last year I purchased your Performance Power Window Regulator Repair Kit for my passenger side window after paying a dealer $400 to fix the driver's side window earlier in the year (that was an emergency - it was below zero out and had to get it fixed ASAP). Your kit worked great and saved me a ton of money - thank you!

--Mike in IL

works as described, great stuff for such small part...

--Darren in Essex, UK

Hey Jon, got your part friday, installed it yesterday, and all I can say is awesome. That is really one hell of an idea, worked great, detailed instructions to letter, great pictures, I just cant say enough, its one great idea!!!!!!!!

awesome part, worked perfectly, hell of a fix, super fast shipping, great idea

--Chris in OK


--Micky in NC

This worked great. Jeep messed up and this fixes the problem.

--Larry in TX

THANKS FOR A GREAT PART!!! ....... SAVED ME HUNDREDS OF $$$$$$$ ... AAA ++++++++

--Scott in GA

Great seller... Items arrived promptly and were just as described!! A+++ Rating

--Theodore in WA

Worked Great

--John in GA

Jon, Got kit this morning. Put it in this afternoon. Took 50 minutes start to finish. A little filing to make it run smooth in channel. Works perfectly. Thanks for the fix!

--Hugh in VA

Just wanted to let you know that the customer service was awesome, and the product was delivered very quickly! Thank you!

--Christie in AZ

Jon, I just wanted to thank you for getting the kit to me so quickly. I started taking the door apart about 9:30 this morning and the mail came around 10, so I followed the instructions and put everything back together and it works like new! Very nice little kit and great instructions. So glad I found your site. Took a total of about 3 hours, only because it was so cold and had to come in a few times to warm up-LOL. Thanks again!

--Randy in MO

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for developing a sensible repair for an obvious design mistake. The kit installed perfectly, and the directions were so well written that anyone should be able to install this kit.

--Keith in PA

Great Item

--Mike in CA

Finally got to install it and it works awesome. nice detailed instuctions too

--Lewis in MO

Just wanted to let you know your window regulator kit is excellent! I was able to repair my driver's window in a little over an hour, and it now works like new. Thanks for making the right product, at a great price, to fix a common Cherokee problem.

--Robert in PA

Just wanted to say what a great kit and set of instruction for the jeep Cherokee window regulator repair kit. All went according to plan. Thanks

--Tom in MN

thanks, everything works great now

--James in VA

Ordered Friday got it on Monday. Excellent product as advertised. Great ebayer.

--Richard in AZ

Service was fast and part is as advertised. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. I ordered on Fri.and got it Mon.AM. I haven't installed the part as my window is still working for now. Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you again.

--Larry in TN

Great product, and helpful support. Worked beautifully.

--Jim in CO

perfect fit, cheers

--Gary in Bedfordshire, UK

Exactly as advertized, quick delivery, great instructions, thank you.

--Tim in NC

Works perfect, very fast shipping!!!

--Terri in TX

great product and fast shipping bought it on friday window working monday thanks

Thank you for sending this so quick. This is a fine replacement to a frustrating problem. I like it so well I may just change the one on the other front window to be on the safe side. Thanks again.

--Thomas in IN

Product delivered as described. Works great. A++

--Jason in MO

great product fast shipping

--Heather in OH

I just wanted to thank you for developing the Cherokee regulator kit. Not only was it shipped the next day, but the directions were clear and easy to follow. Without your kit I had two options; 1. repaired at the dealer for $600, or 2. "repaired" by me with a dowel rod and duct tape. After finding your product, I now have a window that works flawlessly, a wallet that is not empty, and a Jeep without tacky red duct tape.

--Meagan in TN

fast shipping!!! I installed the product and my window works great! thanks a lot

--Jose in PA

Repair kit fits and performs as discribed -fast ship- Excellent Ebayer - Thanks!

--Karen & Joe in MA

Personal Service and Product make this one exceptional seller Thanks Jon!

--Ben in CA

Fast Shipping, Worked great would buy again, Thanks

--Louise in UT

Great comm, great seller, great product!

--John in MI

Great product, super fast ship, this item/seller cannot be beat! Thanks!

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Great product easy to follow directions. Fast delivery.

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Good instructions and communication.

--Diane in ME

Outstanding part, great instructions, Great Ebayer. Highly recommend.

--Ray in VA

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the window repair kit! I finally got around to installing it this past weekend on my 2-door 1998 Cherokee Sport, and it worked like a dream. The instructions were exceptionally helpful and I had the part installed and back in the door in 2 hours. My wife and baby daughter would also like to send their thanks; having a black Jeep with one working window in the middle of summer is no way to roll.

Excellent product, fantastic customer service. Thank you!

--Bill in MD

Worked great, easy to install, Will buy again when the other window breaks

--Lauren in MD

What an ingenious product!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fast shipping. Excellent instructions!!!!

--Robert in IN

Exactly as described and worked like a charm

--Nathan in UT

Simply ingenious!

--Mike in PA

Jon, I know you probably get a lot of email responses, but I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for inventing and marketing such a great idea. I ordered your Cherokee power window repair kit and just finished after a few hours (I have nerve damage from a bad disk so I gotta take my time). I could not believe how detailed and accurate your instructions were, and shipping time was very fast. Keep up the good work, and I hope your business is doing well in this economy. I'll be sure to spread the word about your product to other Cherokee owners I know around Omaha. Thanks again,

--Jason in NE

I purchased your repair kit for the Jeep Cherokee power window and wanted to let you know my absolute delight in the results. Your directions are clear and as long as you follow them in order, everything works perfectly. It took me 1 1/2 hours to do the install, and as my wife noted, the time to take it to the dealership, arrange alternate transportation, go back to the dealership, and so on, would have been more like an 8 hour commitment, not to mention the additional $500 to have the window repaired with the same defective designed part. Outstanding value and fast service. Thanks Jon!

--Mike in MN

I just wanted to thank you for making up this repair kit and selling it to the general public . I started on it this morning at 8:20 and am now writing this email at 9:25 . Its was a snap to fix and Im very happy since I didnt have to buy the whole d*mn part which is pretty much cheap junk .

--Darron in FL

Awesome job! I just finished installing your 97-01 Jeep window fix. Worked like a champ! The dealer quoted me $692 parts and labor for their "fix." The directions were spectacular as were the pictures. Thank you so very much!

--Christopher in VA

A+ worked as designed and advertised thank you Jon (my wife thanks you !)

--Jim in CA

Very CLEVER! Works perfectly! Thank you! A+++++++++++++++++++

--Dieter in FL

Great Item! Great Ebayer!

--Jeremy in TX

Your kit worked so well on the passenger side window, I'm buying another for the driver's side (which just went out)

Extremely fast shipping. Great product. Two windows done, two more to go :-)

--George in GA

The product saved me a lot of money and it was shipped quickly. Very Happy.

--Sean in CO

This is genius! This product saved me 350.00. An easy install for any one.

--James in MO

Worked like a charm!

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great product fast shipping works great

--Nick in OH

great product, and great seller

--Roger in IN

Nice person to deal with. Product works excellent. I recommend this ebayer

--Ray in IL

Thanks for your good instructions, quick service and help. For SURE the cable end looks like a permanent piece of gear!

--Jim in VA's all done and works perfect!

Keep em in stock, I'm sure I'll need another one

--Larry in MI

fast shipping, part worked perfectly!

--Nik in OH

Hey Jon, You're awesome. Thank you so much for taking the time to write back. That shows some real integrity that you treat your customers like that. You were extremely helpful. But I will need a different cable so i'll take your advice a try an xj forum. Thanks for letting me return the product if I should need to. thanks a ton,

--Jake in MT

I am jealous I didn't think of this, it is worth every cent. Thank you Jon

--John in CO

Fast shipment, window works again!! Thanks! A++

--Debra in IN

Exactly what I was looking for. The in-depth instructions were the Bomb!

--Larry in WA

Worked great,quick shipping.

--Dirk in MN

Worked as described, excellent instructions!

--Jordan in MI

excellent shipping, part works great

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A1 service, fab bit of kit

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worked perfect, perfect fit, fast shipping

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Item just as described, great Directions, Saved me a lot of $$ A++++

Item is great!

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Thanks for the kit. nice instructions. saved me a lot of money.

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Extra fast shipping, great product, easy install instructions, A+

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Great fix. Better than new.

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Great product smooth transaction will buy again

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Great service as usual. Fast delivery. Highly reccomenD

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Jeep window kit worked like a charm. fixed in 15 minutes. great instructions

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Great kit and instructions, exactly what I needed. Fast shipping. Great seller!

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Product shipped quickly ... Includes very detailed instructions.

--David in KS

Couldn't have been more perfect.

--James in CT

Great product!! It saved me alot of money with this repair! Prompt shipping!!

--Dennis in MO

FAST shipping-detailed instructions-Thanks!

--Scott in IL

Works good

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Great to do bussiness with. Great product

--Roger in IN

Good as gold. thanks for the great service. A-1

--Robert in PA

Excellent product, definite money saver

--Tim in CT

Awsome Product and Fast Shipment, Will Use Sell Again If I Need Another One

--Michael in NY

Exactly what I needed. Quick shipping awesome seller!!!

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Great kit! A low price yet quality way to fix the window. Thanks!

--Carol in CT

Very good, fast shipping, works great!!!

--Bryor in IA

Very good product and super fast shipping.

--Victor in CA

Jon - the part worked great & with pictures on the net, my part was prepped before I received your repair part in the mail & that made short time for my repair.....great part that fits & works well with no future issues since the cable is metal & your repair part is metal that will not fatigue nor break like the plastic holder did with age & fatigue...thanks for your assistance & "prompt" shipment to me for this repair....will purchase again with if another window unit fails or I have to go into another door for any repairs......

............Thanks Jon for an excellent part & a great price..

--Gary in TN

Jon, I installed the repair for my jeep cherokee. Your instructions were perfect. Incredibly detailed and to the point. installation went smoothly.

--Ken in CO

Hi guys, I just installed your Jeep Cherokee Power Window Regulator kit. This was the best buy I've made in months. Our local service shop said I would have to buy a complete regulator and motor combination for $700 ... plus labour (I'm Canadian and that's how we spell it here). Needless to say, I was delighted to find your repair kit. Works great. Your instructions were excellent. Will recommend you to anyone else I know of who has this problem

--Malcolm in Alberta, Canada

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to offer some feedback on your exceptional service. I ordered two of the Jeep Cherokee 97-01 window regulator repair kits and installed them in both passenger and driver side front doors. I ordered them both on a Friday afternoon and wanted to get them installed the next day Saturday, which I expressed in an email I sent to you. You exceeded my expectations and the mail man was on my door at 10am Saturday the next day with box in hand. I was so impressed I had to write, although a month later, and tell you that you are really a genius and you know how to run a business.

Also, I was experiencing the clicking noise when I would roll up my driver side front window and I just turned the cable around like you noted in your pamphlet and it solved the problem. Might I add your attention to detail in describing the removal/installation procedure is excellent. I could not be any happier with your product and your standard of service. I have told all my Jeep friends about your product, and will continue to tell any Jeep enthusiasts I come in contact with about Steiger Performance.

Thanks again,

--Justin in OR

great product!

--Robert in PA

Part worked great and was easy to install....much better than the stock part!!!

--Joe in NY

Great product, cheaper than changing the window regulator. Recommend A++++

--Alain in NY

Great product, fast shipping, Thanks

--Robb in AZ

Great service as usual. Fast delivery. Highly reccomend

--Cheri in VA

Awesome! Jon went out of his way to get me the part ASAP, for a long road trip.

--Chris in SC

I can't say enough good things about this seller and this product!! GREAT!!

--Brent in GA

Installed today, worked great as expected. Fast shipping. Thanks.

--Gary in NC

Great Product!

--Virgil in AL

I recently bought and installed the window repair kit for my 1999 Cherokee. Awesome solution for a marginal original design! Shipping was prompt, parts were precision fit and directions were easy to follow.

Your solution is not only economical, but easy on the environment. Why throw away 5 lbs of parts because of a 1 oz failure?


--Brian in KS

My parents just gave me their 99 Jeep Cherokee with the note that the front passenger window did not work! I tore it apart and then googled Jeep Cherokee window drive kit. That is when I found you guys! I bought the repair took me just under 3 hours, but I now have 4 working windows!

Thank you for thinking about the consumer and creating an affordable solution to a scandalous problem!!

--Erin in CO

Thanks for a great website and product. Just installed the window repair kit and it went smooth. Fast shipping too!

--Matthew in NC

WORKS GREAT!!! Fantastic, fabulous, money saver! The instructions were top notch

--Gabrielle in ME

Great seller, very detailed instructions, helpful..just as advertised!!

--Robert in PA

Item works great , fast shipping good ebayer

--Eddie in NC

Took me 30 mins and saved hundreds. Thx!

--Matt in IL

Installed it this weekend. Piece of cake. Great concept. Saved big time money

--Stirling in CA

fantastic instructions, item works perfectly - saves $$$ on jeep part

--Dawn in New South Wales, Australia

Just a note to say thank you for the fast delivery. The kit worked great and the directions were excellent.

--John in NY

Thanks for your good engineering. And the instruction sheet was perfect.

--Lowell in GA


Just wanted to send a quick e-mail saying thanks and to let you know the part did arrive on Saturday as you indicated. Your instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. It took me around an hour to have my wife's jeep ready to use again and I saved hundreds of dollars. Great product & price - I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again,

--Dave in IA

Received and installed the part--window works great now. Thanks for providing this product, it saved me a lot of money and was straightforward to install (thanks in no small part to the clear instructions).

--Duncan in CA

Jon,just installed the regulator repair kit last night, start to finish was about 1.5 hours!!! You have a fantastic product, and even better than the product is the 4 page color step-by-step illustration which accompanies it! By FAR the best product I have ever bought on-line. I will tell others about you.

Thanks again.

--Bob in UT

fast shipping and great product

--Matthew in NV

item was easy to use and arrived quickly ... your part worked wonderfully. Thanks so much!

--Angela in MI

works great, thanks

--Joshua in NE

Killer Kit - Fabulous. This is a life (and major money) saver ! Great Service!

--James in MO

I have this product in two of my four doors now. Great design, fast shipping.

--Rob in GA

Good day,

I have to praise you for the 99 Jeep Cherokee window repair kit. All I can say is Amazing. I recieved this part yesterday afternoon (very fast shipping) and went right to work. Your instructions were easy to read and very step by step. I had the part installed and the window operating flawlessly in less than and hour. I will be ordering another one to have on hand for when the driver side goes (cause we all know that they always tend to break together). This was the best $40 dollars I have ever spent. All of my buddies who own jeeps have already been told about your product and given a link to your site.

Again thank you for the easiest jeep fix and the fast shipping. You have my total endorsement and word of mouth.

--Shaun in GA

Great product perfect for the job

--Douglas in IN

Fast shipment kit worked exactly as described

--Andrew in OH

WOW-Awesome Product- Dealership Wanted $325 for Regulator-$40 and it's fixed!!

--Vince in NC

Great seller, fast shipping, will buy another soon for the other door

--Todd in AZ

great product. fast shipping.

--Mark in NM

Great product, WOW it got here FAST! Thank you!

--Susan in FL

Astoundingly good! Good communication, fast shipping. Perfect fit!

--Marc in Ontario, Canada

great product, awesome instructions included, would buy from again A++

--Kevin in TX

Great product with clear detailed instructions, very fast shipping

--Michael in NY

Great directions on the window fix for the 97 XJ. The disassembly went without a hitch in preparation for the arrival of the kit.

Keep up the innovation!

--Michael in TX

Your replacement bracket worked great. Thanks for all your help!

--Nick in NC

The kit arrived quickly and the instructions were excellent. Thanks. Nice work on designing a repair better than the original.

--Troy in GA

I ordered a repair part for my daughter's Jeep window regulator unit & it worked perfectly. My parts were prepped per your diagram and waiting on the mail to deliver to me to install. This is a terrific repair part & if it happens again, you can be assured that I will be ordering from you ASAP.

Thanks for your quick response & mailing to me.

--Gary in TN

I just wanted to say Thanks for this window repair kit ! It has been broken for 4 years. It would have been alot quicker to just replace the whole regulator , the only problem was I couldn't find one - it was a Dealer only item and I wasn't paying $200 for it.

Thanks again and thanks for the detailed instructions on repairing my regulator. It works like a champ !!!!

--David in CO

Very good transaction, part worked as described.

--David in NC

Fast Shipping, Great Product

--Michael in VA

Good communication, Fast Ship, Excellent product. Great to deal with. Thanks!

--Don in TX

Great fix for a Cheep Jeep plastic part to metal never fail part!

--Richard in AK

Great item! Fastest shipping since I've been with e-bay. A++++++++

--Charlie in AR

Great...good product, accurate description, fast shipment. Excellent

--Robert in MO


--Chuck in FL

Works great and good fast service thanks

--Deanna in OK

A+ Listing alone was worth its weight. Purchased as backups. Great product.

--William in CA

Fast Shipping. Good Product.

--Mark in FL

Excellent product, easy installation, and an improvement over the replacement

--Ross in WV

Great Product! Worked perfectly! Best Instructions ever used were included! A+

--Robert in MD

Repaired the window today, Thanks for saving me a bunch of $$$$

--Shayne in PA

Great instructions, helped overcom installation problems. Worked perfectly

--Doug in FL

Lightening Fast Shipping-Perfect Fix-Excellent Instructions-Thanks

--Jason in UT

Great piece that fixes a poorly desgined part!! Thanks again, fixed it right up!

--Clint in AL

highly recommend

--Charlie in CA

Great communication and part works a treat.A********

--Chris in Lancashire, UK

Very innovative solution to a common problem. Very clear instructions. PERFECT!!

--Chris in TN

Great product! Excellent instructions - had the window working right away! AA+

--Don in SC

Excellent Product, Outstanding Seller, A+++!!!!

--Joe in MI

Nice part, better than OE Thanks!!!!!

--Tony in MI

Worked perfect. Shipped extremely fast....great seller!!! Thanks.

--Steve in WI

wasnt hard to install took about a hr to do. a+ kit

--Steve in MO

worked like a charm

--Brian in MI


--Brian in WI

great product thank you

--John in TX

Hi, I received the jeep cherokee sport window repair unit and it arrived yesterday, I have not installed it yet but I was surprised at how well made it was. Good Job! There is a future in this for you! I will email you after I install it and let you know how it works.

This is GREAT, saved us a lot of money. Part and instructions perfect. A+

--James in NJ

Fast Ship, Great Product, Good Instructions, Thanks

--Dan in CA

Fast shipping great product good nice cheap fix

--Nick in CT

great instructions. alot of time put into them. great product.

--Sean in NY

I did repair my pass. side with one of your kits and it works better than factory.

--John in CA

Great seller, excellent product - Perfect Transaction

--Brandon in TX

Lightning fast shipping!!! 3 days from NY to FL! Window works like new! Thanks!!

--Tony in FL

This item is absolutely perfect for fixing that broken Cherokee window

--Martin in WA

Much much cheaper method than dealer charge, This seller ships very quickly.

--Bruce in TX


--Raymond in PR

parts packaged well, instructions great, worked perfect!!

--Billy in MO

Great product, 2 hours to install, works as good if not better then a new one

--Ken in MN


--Charles in Merseyside, UK

Thought I would put in a good word to say the power window repair kit I ordered or a 98 Jeep Cherokee installed and works easy fix.

--Chuck in NM

arrived quickly excellent instructions, its fitted and works a treat, thanks

--David in Leicestershire, UK

So good I bought a spare for the other side

--Ron in VA

Quality part, good instructions, my window is good as new

--Shannon in NY

Awsome 30 min install fix cherokee window best instructions i would tell friends

--Jordan in OH

Less expensive alternative to replacing the entire regulator. Good literature

--Michael in TN

Great product, just as advertised. Quick delivery

--Jim in GA

Fabulous! Only took 2.5 hours! Saved about $200! Would buy another tomorrow!

--Susan in MN

Great product! Highly recommended! Thanks!

--Ben in VA

Great piece! Great directions! Not easy but worth it, thanks!

--Pam in NE

Product was just as described!! Brilliant!!!!

--Jeremy in IN

Super Deal, Thanks much

--Terry in NY

Item got here quickly, Works perfectly as advertised.

--Jason in CA

Great price on an innovative, money saving vehicle part. Fast shipping. Thanks!

--Roman in CO

Great deal, Awsome service, super fast shipping! What more could u want

--Bernie in IL

Great product, great service!

--John in MI

Excellent item, and very quick sender.

--Robert in Oban, UK

I am a 47-year-old single female that refused to pay for an entire driver side power window regulator because of a tiny piece of plastic. (The motor was still working perfectly.)

While searching for answers on the web I ran across Steiger Performance.

You guys rock. I ordered the Steiger Performance power widow regulator kit for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee.

I had it installed and working perfectly within 4 hours.

Your customer service was impeccable. You run your business the way it should be!

Thank you,

--Deborah in VA

Thank you for having the ingenuity to come up with this simple and easy solution to this simple but possible really expensive problem. Well worth the $40.

--Shane in CA

I just finished an install of the power window repair kit on a '97 Cherokee Country. I've done a lot of work on cars, this is the first time I have been working inside of a door. The instructions, parts, etc. could not have been any better. The instructions were the best I have ever used(and I've got two Bentley Manuals looking right at me). It is refreshing to find this type of products and service anywhere.

--Robert in NC

Well, my initial reaction was a bracket and a few tiny screws for 50 bucks? What a scam this guy's got going!

I'll say that your instructions alone are worth damn near the $50 by themselves. Nice work.

So, at the end of the day my electric window is now working again and I did it for under $50. So, good for you (and us) for engineering and selling this kit. Inevitably, when my passenger side goes, I'll be ordering from you again!

Thank you,

--David in FL

Take it from a retired auto worker. This kit repairs an otherwise expensive to replace part to better than OEM. With the dual kit you can make both window assemblies better than new, for about 1/3 the cost of replacing just one complete regulator assembly.

--Larry in WI

Hi Jon , Thanks for getting back to me so soon . Your advice and offer to help are great ; much like your engineering of a do it yourself fix. [...] Power window works fine now. Thanks again.

--Linden in MA

Your kit worked great for my 1999 Jeep cherokee sport. Thanks for saving me $100!

--Shane in AZ

Thank you for making such a well engineered kit!

--John in PA

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. Cherokee window regulator repair was fast and easy. Great instructions, you covered all possible problems. Thanks also for the extra hardware because I did lose one of the small nuts!

--Phil in AZ

Victory is mine!

It's taken a while, largely because of the conflict between weather and my days off available to work on this project. I did get stuck a bit when I couldn't get the new part threaded onto the cable but after about 30 minutes with a small file I was able to get it on, as you saw with the pic enclosed in my last communication with you.

Everything fit EXACTLY as you said it would. Your printed instructions that came with the replacement parts I ordered from you were spot on and clear. The only thing that was not explained was how minor adjustment of the window itself within the bracket could be achieved as necessary by wiggling it forward or backward as needed before tightening the window bolts. I suspect you didn't explain it because it was largely self-explanatory. Everything else was exactly as you described and the photos showed where everything was supposed to go perfectly. Start to finish, once I got to actually putting the cable and track assembly together and get down to the car to install, it took about an hour and a half!

I am extremely pleased with the entire process and with everything you provided: the instructions, the parts themselves and the illustrations. It is extremely gratifying and empowering to know that a repair like this can be done without having to have specialized tools or a high degree of mechanical knowledge. I would be more than happy to give you any kind of positive review for this!! In fact, I think I owe you one.

So thank you for providing this little piece of knowledge and saving me on the order of $285.00!! I am a very happy man.

--Philip in WA

I ordered your kit for both sides of my Jeep and they are now installed and working fine. I also carried out your free mod as the drivers side has been noisy for the past four years, also now working fine. Many thanks for your endeavours and good service.

--Howard in Cumbria, UK

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