Comments received for the Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit
(2002-2006 Rear Door)

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did creating the parts and the instructions. They are absolutely flawless. They worked perfectly the first time. I really appreciate you creating such a product. This was the fourth time my windows have broken on my 2006 jeep and I was now on my extended warranty plan. It was costing me a $100.00 deductable each time a window was repaired. Now I no longer need to deal with long wait times in the repair shop, usually four hours, and the high replacement costs.

I am really happy to have come across your web site for a permanent fix. My frustrations are finally over.

Thanks again.

--Robert in CA

Hey Jon. Thanks for the help. Bending the ball bolt did the trick. All is in working order now. Thank you for the info I truly am grateful for you and Steiger Performance. Just so you know a female who has never worked on cars before put this together. The directions were the bomb. You guys are awesome.

I appreciate your quick responses. I will pass the word on about your business. It is rare to find such efficient business people. You are the bomb.

--Dale in CA

Its all installed and working like a charm. It was broken exactly as you descibed inside and it is a wonder that by the cheap way they deigned it the darn thing lasts at all. Your is a much better design. The task seemed pretty big at first as my motorcycke repair skills are better then my car but I hung in their and once I understand how the whole system works its easy to do the repair. The part I was most afriad of was the grinding off of that dowel but was a breeze with the dremel and a small grinding bit.

thanks again

--Kris in NM

I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping!! I recieved them yesterday. I installed the left rear yesterday and am doing the right rear tomarrow. The left rear works AMAZING! It is smoother and quieter than stock!! The install directions were great and the part went right on!!

Thanks again,

--Marc in AZ

Great piece of ingenuity!!! Works perfect..easy instructions..recommend highly!!

--James in FL

Ordered your part for my 2003 Jeep Liberty RR power window that broke exactly as you indicated. Your instructions were clear and concise. Only small problem I had was getting the wire cable out of the tube as it still had some of the plastic on the end. I got it out and installed your part and the window is working great. Appreciate the fast shipping. If my left window goes out, I will be back for that part. Hope you can also get parts for the front windows too as I heard that they also have problems. Keep up the good work...

--Thomas in PA

Thanks for the Liberty window repair kit. Nice craftsmanship. I just installed it without any problem and it works well.

--Jeff in OH

Works like a charm. Install took me a good while, but saved a LOT of $$$.

--Joe in TX

We installed it and it worked great. We needed to put grease on the rails as it was squeaking but that quieted it just fine.

The product was as advertised. I will definitely buy from him again.

--Henry in CA

Awesome component that worked exactly as described!

--Vince in CA

The window regulator parts are WAY better than OEM. Great seller to deal with!

--Mark in KY

Worked great! Thanks so much! Highly recommended! A+++

--Richard in TX

Well-made part & clear directions. Window now works. Saved $390 over dealership!

--Angelo in FL

fast deal worked perfect

--Jimmy in KY

My window WORKS NOW! I am thrilled! Great doing business with you!

--Joe in TX

I installed the part without any problems, one thing I did differently was, I put lock-tite on the little screw that replaced the rivet. I must say excelent product. I called Chrysler to see if there was anything they could do, and they told me they were at the mercy of there parts supplier who would not sell just the little plastic clip. I let them know how frustrated I was. I told them that's all I want is to buy the part at a reasonable price, and they agreed to pay for half the labor, I said that wasn't good enough. Then I happened to come across your part on e-bay, cannot thank you enough. THANKS again!!!

Great product, glad u made $ instead of chrysler, who wanted $250 for junk!

--Corey in PA

Way better than the OEM part! I do not expect to have to repair this again.

--Joe in AL

Fantastic Item!! Saved $85 from dealer price! Jon is extremely helpful!!! A++++

--Rob in OH

Fast shipping, great directions with product.

--Randy in CA

Fast ship happy with results window works great thank you a+++++

--William in FL

Excellent Piece worked, excellent instructions, it is fixed, saved $400, tks Jon

Hi Jon, very pleased with instructions and machining on the piece. It looks as if it will hold up for ever, your instructions were fantastic, would recommend to anyone to read them first, take the part out and then read the last part again. When you read them all they are a little overwhelming, but when you have the pieces in your hand you can figure it out easy.

--Gary in TX

The part works great !! !!

--Sean in FL

Installing the repair part was a snap and everything worked excellent.
...the instructions for replacing the repair bracket were simple and easy to follow. This is for my daughter's Liberty and now I know she will not have any trouble with the regulator. Thanks for a great repair kit.

--Tim in TX

awesome product!!!

--Dennis in KS

Everything was as described. Very, very satisfied with this seller and product.

--Timothy in TX

great service. responded quickly to questions. product work great. highly recomm

--Mike in CA

Great product! worked like a charm.

--Raeburn in MD

Repair Kit -perfect fit, very easy fix , thanks

--Richard in FL

Definitive fix for bad regulator! Fast shipping. Perfect transaction!!!

--Barry in AZ

Excellent product - worked as described. Detailed instructions, Fast shipping.

--William in NJ

Product works great and will hopefully last many years. Thanks.

--Matthew in AZ

I just wanted to email you and thank you for the wonderful product. Or, more accurately, for the wonderful, detailed instructions. The dealership quoted me $500 to repair the window in my 2006 Liberty CRD. I did a search on the forum on L.O.S.T. KJs, and another member posted about using your product. I ordered it last Wednesday, received it Monday, and installed it yesterday.

The extra note about the ball stud in the instructions saved my bacon. After I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out why the window kept popping out of the carrier, I noticed that little piece of yellow paper. I bent the bracket down, popped it in, installed the clip, and it works perfectly.

You have an excellent product, and I wish you the best. Thank you again.

--Darren in LA

Jon - Both of my back windows in my Jeep are broken... So when I came across your 'fix' I must say, I was hopeful, but I only bought one, just in case it didn't work the way it was supposed to. I mean, it seemed too easy. Your instructions were step by step, easy to follow, and within the hour my back window was as good as new! And believe me, I tested it out A LOT! :) So, needless to say, I'm buying the other kit for my right rear window right away! And I just wanted to say THANKS!! :) I am telling all my jeep friends about your little repair kit!

--Donna in AZ

Just got finished installing Jeep liberty regulator repair kit. Great instructions! I'll be telling everyone what a great product you have that owns a Liberty.

--Cecil in TX

I purchased the liberty rear window kit and I must admit you are my hero. I was quoted $420 from the dealer to fix the window, which would have been a giant rip-off since I now have a perfectly working window and only paid $80 for your kit. I am an engineer so I have a real appreciation for your ingenuity. You did a great job. Thanks.

--Matt in NC

Parts received and installed - you were spot on - everything you did was 1st class - shipping, parts and instructions. It took me about 3 hrs to complete, but I saved lots of money. My liberty was not under warrantee and the squirrels at Chrysler wanted to replace everything even after I told them I know what's going on! - ..sounded like at least $500 for new glass, motor ect.I'm sure labor would've been $300 as well.

I'll know where to go when the passenger side jacks up.

--Steve in IL

Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have created. I just installed a rear door regulator repair kit on a 2005 liberty and was delighted in the ease and accuracy of the part,good job, I will spread the word.


I just want to take the time to thank you for the creative work that you do. I bought and installed a Jeep Liberty window regulator several weeks ago; and it works great. If the auto industry had half the ingenuity that you do to make durable products at affordable prices we'd all be better off...although you might get too bored. Their loss is definitely your gain!!! Keep up the good work.

Thanks Again,

--Brad in TX

I just received the repair kit for my 2002 jeep liberty rear window. excellent quality great instructions. It's a shame jeep couldn't do it right. thanks!!!!

--Jeff in FL

Got Part today, installed today, works better than ever "TODAY", not sitting in dealers shop and paying their cost. Super Product, way superior to OEM part. I will be buying other side soon. Thanks.

--Guy in CA

I was EXTREMELY pleased with your repair kit and the EXCELLENT documentation; I don't think I could've done it without the annotated pictures accompany the text. I was especially pleased to so (relatively) easily save myself a $400+ automotive repair!

I wish you much luck with your business, and I will recommend your repair kit to anyone I come across having the problem (Jeep Libertys) are VERY popular in Pittsburgh.

--Rich in PA

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your Jeep Liberty window regulator repair kit. The new part is substantially more robust than the original manufacturer's piece and following your detailed directions made installation a simple task.

Beyond the fact that I avoided a $400 dealer repair bill, it's comforting to know that I was able to make use of an otherwise good regulator assembly and don't have to be concerned with another failure of the same part.

Thanks, again.

--Bill in NJ

Perfect great fix, will be back for the other side if or when it breaks.

--Cody in MI

I replaced the right rear window regulator with your product with no mechanical experience and your instructions were very clear. Thank you very much.

--Anne in AZ

Works perfectly! Many thanks!

--Brian in CA

Fast shipping, product exactly as stated. Great Ebayer. Would buy from again.

--Wyatt in Newfoundland, Canada

very Good Seller highly recommended.

--Rami in MD

Great product, Great instructions. Much better then the original. Thank!!!!

--Sara in TX

The repair kit worked perfectly and the instructions were very easy to follow.

--Dean in OK

Hi Jon,
I'm back again as my right rear passenger window has let loose. Your left rear kit worked very well.

--Rob in OH

Very happy with the part. Works great and pretty easy to install. Thanks!

--Travis in PA

This item was brought to my attention by a member here and after looking at the cost of the dealer replacement vs. this, I decided to try it.

This was my first regulator failure and I believe the last in the left rear, as this kit is so good.

It took me a little over an hour to replace the regulator, taking my time. The instructions are clear and concise and you get a torx driver with it. I was a little confused pulling everything out of the door, but again, the instructions guide you every step of the way.

For those of you that have a broken regulator I highly recommend this kit, it should be the last time you deal with that problem for that window.

Fantastic product! Clear and concise installation instructions! Buy this!

--Tim in LA

Great item! Thanks! I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

--Carolyn in MO

very very good product!!!

--Lenita in WV

A++ seller & product. When my other windows go out I'll be back. Thanks so much!

--Daniel in TX


--Bob in CA

Your part is absolutely perfect. The instructions were thorough and clear.

The most trouble came in reassembling the door trying to get the door handle to fit through the moisture barrier and getting it to fit correctly. I didn't get the ball through the snap clip all the way the first time so when I cycled the window up it worked, but down popped it out. Once I got it through and locked properly it worked like a charm.

Thanks again for the awesome part, for getting it to Las Vegas on time, and your response to me.

--Dana in CA/NV

You saved me lots of money!!!!

--Karen in TN

The fix you have for the Jeep Liberty rear window works great! Only wish you designed for the car companies so we didn't have to fix their mistakes. Thanks for the sheets that explained exactly what to do and the pictures were very clear.

A happy customer.

--Don in CA

I received the kits for repairing my Liberty window regulators this past Saturday. Only the driver-side rear has failed to date, but I bought both in anticipation of the second failure.

Your instructions are exquisitely detailed and accurate. The whole procedure went exactly as you decribed.

All fixed!

Thanks for an outstanding product and fast service.

--Jeff in GA

Thank You. The part worked great. You saved me from a $500 repair. Thank you!

--Joel in AL

I purchased a regulator repair kit for my wifes 2005 Jeep Liberty and wanted to thank you profusely for this item. The cheapest shop wanted $300+ to make the repair and I was able to do it myself for $85 thanks to you. I was hesitant about buying something like this from the internet but Im glad I did. I cant thank you enough!

--Andrew in FL

At first I was a little hesitant to put my credit card and by parts I've never seen before from a person I'm not familiar with, but boy was I wrong!
The shipment was fast, the order was exact, the parts fit perfectly, and the instruction page felt like a coach standing by my shoulder telling me what to do! I estimate that the process saved me about $300!

Thanks you so much,

--Ofer in CA

Item received very quickly and as described thanks. worked great!!!!

--Paul in OH

The seller was out standing. The item was very well designed. Will use again.

--Forrest in MO

Great comm and super customer service after the sale. Highly recommended

--Ben in MA

Very pos.Seller is reliable & helps w/ install info; very good; thank you Jon!

--David in GA

Fast shipping. Great product with detailed illustrated instructions. Our mechanic had no problems replacing part. So far so good! Thanks.

--Angela in PA

Thank you so much! You saved us a lot of money with this part! A+++++

--Carry in MO

Problem Solved!!! Quality product, Great Seller.........................Thanks

--Mike in CA

works great

--Drew in NC

Excellent seller, accomplished, highly recommended

--Felipe in TX

Worked great! Neat design. Highly recommended to all liberty owners.

--Chip in NE

worked great and super fast..would use again..thanks

--Chrystal in TX

Awesome product!!!!! Easy to install, Saved me $150

--Jason in IN

Shipped very quickly. Great communications. Highly recommended seller. Thank you

--Terry in TN

Great product, great instructions, very happy!

--Michael in AZ

Xlnt strong design - will never break again!! Very pleased. AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++

--Ray in CA

Great instructions, an inexpensive simple fix to a costly dealer repair. Thanks

--Tom in CA

Bought one for the right and it worked great. A permanent fix. Thanks

--David in TX

I have installed the right side repair kit to my 2002 Jeep Liberty and your part works wonderfully!!! Thanks. Tomorrow I am doing the other side. Your instructions have been most helpful. I would be happy for you to use me as a reference or as a posting on your website.

--Kelley in FL

Hi Jon,

Just wanted to thank you for the kit! It worked perfectly of course. Have a great day.

--Paula in NC

Thanks for the Jeep liberty repair kit. The left rear bracket broke in the first week after buying the used liberty. The kit worked great and only took about 1 hr 15 min for me to do. I got it fixed just in time for the right rear bracket on my wifes liberty to break the next day. I have just placed an order for that kit. Hope it goes as well as the first.

--Tom in IN

Saved me $450 dealer quote on repairing the window.

--Dave in GA

Just wanted to say thanks. i was just doin some last minute searching on fixing my back window before i bought the regulator to fix it. i googled one last time and ur site came up. it made sense. i worked at an autobody shop for years and i had not yet looked at how the jeep window was made. ur fix is genius. im not sure if u designed it or not...but kudos to who did. had i not bought ur part and added it to the existing regulator.... im sure id be fixing it again soon...and i would have spent a lot more money. the directions were i said..i had never seen a cable driver setup like that. my father saw the part and said he couldn't believe how much such a little part cost until i told him the entire story. then he agreed it was a bargain.

--Ted in OH

I installed the replacement part yesterday and it works beautifully. Your customer service is amazing.

Thank you for all the help...!

--Scott in CA

Thanks for your product. It worked great. I had a little trouble screwing the cable into the device but other than that things went well. You saved me a lot of money!

--Lawrence in PA

Finally replaced the broken part. Your steps worked perfectly. Thanks

--Mark in NC

Thank you so much for your Liberty window repair kit!

Not only did you save me from a $280 repair that would have just ended up breaking again... but you saved me from a $300+ repair because they don't even make the replacement part anymore! So they were going to have to do a replacement for the entire system instead. But the system wasn't broke, so I wised up and did it for myself!

Didn't take me but 2-3 hours from start to finish either! And now that I know what I'm doing, I could do it in even less time!

I'm almost looking forward to the other one breaking so I can fix it too... And after seeing the plastic part culprit, I know it will break eventually.

Thank you so much for taking the time to create something that fixes this problem correctly, and much cheaper than the shops.

--Evan in KY

Hello, everyone calls me "MacGyver". I have a machine shop where I can fix almost everything, except that silly little plastic piece that broke on my Jeep Liberty rear window. When I took the window regulator out and looking at the piece that broke I was amazed that the manufacturer would design a part like that. I called the parts stores and found out that the regulator is an OEM part only. So I started looking around on the internet. Found your site and read your description of the silly plastic part. From there I knew you had the solution. Ordered your part and got it in the mail. WOW this piece is FANTASTIC! The plastic piece that broke on the OEM part was replaced with a steel wound holder, nylon guides in all the right places. Very Strong and Very Nice! I am going to order the other rear window kit and install it before that window breaks.

Thank You VERY Much!

--Jeff in NE

As described. Fast Shipping. Much better than OEM. Thanks!

--Michael in LA

A pleasure to have done business with! Fast delivery! Great product!

--Michael in CA

easy transaction, fast delivery, great product, easy to install, very innovative

--Brian in GA

Thanks very much great product. last time i will ever have to do that again

--Julia in IL

super easy install and worked perfectly first time ! great product ! thanks !

--Michael in MO

Fast Everything! Just As Described, Easy To Install, Much Appreciated. AAAAA++++

--Eran in TX

Thanks! Works perfectly. Can use window with confidence now!

--David in AZ

great seller,fast shipping all A's in my book

--Charles in NV

Works great, now I don't have to worry about the window not working, thanks.

--David in AZ

Great product! Thnks jon... when the other regulator goes out I'll be in touch!

--Bryan in NC

Item as described and better than factory original. Promptly shipped. AAA+++

--David in LA


--Ray in IL

Would recommend to anybody.

--Benito in CA

great instructions and product

I read about your products on from reading posts about the broken window regulators. Your repair kit is highly regarded by those who have installed it.

--Jason in CA

I ordered the Jeep window part on thurs, it came on saturday and my boyfriend put it in today. It took him a half hour and it works better than ever. I can't thank you enough. Jeep wanted $500 to fix this (it happened on the other window last year when I was still under warranty). The thought of giving them another 5 cents was out of the question. A million thanks!!!

--Susan in NJ

I recently ordered one of your Jeep Liberty rear window kits for $89. This is the second time that the d*mn window mechanism has broken and the first time it cost me $485 at the Jeep dealership. On this occasion I did some research on the internet and pulled up your website. I decided to buy one of your metal replacement parts for $89, it took me 2 hours to replace the lousy plastic part with your metal part and I saved myself some cash in the process. I just wanted to let you know and thank you.

--Greg in NV

I received the part and installed it last night, it works great. I am very impressed with your whole process. Thanks very much.

--John in OH

Thanks for the window regulator it was easy to install. Wish jeep would pick up on this and maybe pay you off for your product. I was thinking when it first broke why would I buy the same thing if its just going to break 3 months down the road then I found you made a metal one which is Definitely a way better idea thanks for everything!

--Johnathan in CA

Just thought I'd drop you a line. I just purchased and installed your Jeep Liberty window regulator kit. GREAT product! Very well engineered and built! Incredible fit. GREAT permanent fix to this ALL TOO COMMON issue with this vehicle. It's incredible that Jeep has not recalled this item with the amount of trouble I've read about with regards to this issue. Thanks for the terrific fix. This problem will NOT happen again. (on that side). I'll be back when the other side breaks.

GREAT product, fast shipping, good price, FANTASTIC directions. EZ job for anyone with even a little bit of mechanical skill. Well done, thanks.

--Anthony in NV

I got it fixed! Thanks so much for helping me out and for caring. You saved me at least $300 and now I have a window that will work for good!

Keep up the great work and service!

P.S. If my other window goes down now I know who to go to!

--Fernando in MO

Thank you so much for carrying the part I needed for my Jeep Liberty - saving me $400! Rear window fell down - dealership wanted $500 to fix it - just a bit of research on the web led me to you and a kit to do the repair myself. The instructions were clear and concise - easy to follow. So, replaced a $10 plastic piece with a permanent fix from you guys - Thanks again!

--Marlena in CA

You have supplied an excellent product. I installed it with my daughter as a father-daughter project today. It took 90 minutes and went just like the instructions indicated. As you said, your design is clearly superior to the original and only the necessary part needs to be purchased. It sure beats buying the whole regulator with the same weak plastic part. I'm sure that I will be purchasing more kits for the other doors as they break!

--Tony in FL

Just wanted to let you know that I installed your product on my daughter's Jeep Liberty rear passenger window and it works like a charm. I had my daugher (25 years old) and my best friend helping me and they commented very positively how precise your instructions were. It took us about 2 hours and a six pack to finish without any problems. Now I know exactly how it will work when I have to go replace the left one some day.

Thanks a lot again,

--Kirk in TX

Great product, fast shipping. Thanks!!

--Jeffrey in NC

great instructions, good design...

4 year old took apart i reinstalled, 1hr per door saved $400 both

--Ron in OK

Quick delivery and the part was perfect! :) Thank you!

--Kristen in FL

Excellent seller, above and beyond accomodating. Thanks!

--Rusti in Guam

Nice product, directions very thorough.

--Don in WI

extemely fast shipping, working great!!

--Alison in NC

worked great

--Robert in OK

A++++ Fast shipping good deal nice product

--Bryan in FL

Great install instructions. Saved hundreds by not using a dealer to repair.

--Douglas in TN

Hi, Bought your rear window fix's (for both rears) awhile back, work great. Now front driver side broke, so I see you now have fixes for fronts. ...will replace with your units. Thanks for your ingenuity.

--Guy in CA

Thank you for the fast service and I would like to say what a great part you have for the replacement window regulator, Thanks

--Oscar in AZ

What a great product! My husband couldn't say enough good things during install.

--Carolyn in MO

This seller has been great with every aspect of the transaction

--Anthony in KY

item worked great

--Carmen in CA

What a great product, we'd already had that window repaired twice. However, I'm a klutz! I shouldn't have taken the motor mount off before removing the assembly from the door, and I put the cable into the tube at the wrong end. And those extra small parts you include must have been with me in mind. One thing you might want to add to your instructions is that all this sliding up and down of the window and taking the track in and out, can seriously scratch the factory-added window tint (as I found out). Regardless, my daughter thinks I'm a genius for fixing the window. Thanks, Again.

--Herbert in AZ

Received your part on Friday & installed it on Sunday. I had trouble getting the cable out of the guide tube; it was stuck from the broken piece of plastic still attached.

The mounting & installation went well. Your instructions are very well done, & the pictures were very beneficial.

Thank you for coming up with this part plus sharing your knowledge with us consumers who otherwise would have had to pay over $400 for this to be fixed.

--John in TX

Just wanted to thank again for the great product and very quick turnaround. The install took me less than an hour, and was very straight forward thanks to your great directions that came with the kit. The window performs like new!

I am definitely recomending your products to my friends (a couple buddies had to replace their complete mechanisms, and worse of all one of them already replace it twice since the OEM design performs way less than expected).

--Gui in CA

I have an '05 Liberty CRD. Installed the regulator on my driver side rear door today. It took 2 hours and was really easy. I'm probably going to order one for the passenger side soon (before it goes out). Thanks for a great product!

--Jacobo in TX

I just finished installing your product in my jeep liberty.I couldn't believe how easy it was, it took just 2 hours and your directions are awesome. This is my 6th regulator for my jeep. It upsets me that I paid $379.00 each to the dealer.I love my jeep so I will definately do business again with you in the near future.

Thank you

--Valerie in CA

Thanks for the crafty repair kit. I installed it successfuly and saved at least $200 Benjamins (the dealer would have charged at least that much for labor). The last time I visited the dealer for the same problem the cost was over $350.

--Ruben in CO

What a great solution to a big problem. I put both units in and I expect we will be purchasing at least one more.


Once again - your product is outstanding and worth every penny of it. I know it took a lot of time to develop it. I would recommend to any jeep owner the parts and poo poo on the dealer parts.

--Allen in FL

Recently purchased your product (power window fix)for my wife's 2004 Liberty. After procrastinating for two weeks and alternating between football game and repair, I completed fix in about 3 hours.

Looking at the cheap plastic encasement of the original part, I am sure I will be placing another order soon for the other doors.

Excellent product, and great instructions to boot.

Thanks for a quality fix.

--Ronald in MI

just finished installing the kit for Liberty 2006. Works perfectly.


--Fredrik in Malaga, Spain

Just wanted to let you know that I installed the part over the weekend and it works great. The instructions were the best part.

--Ed in NV

Your 2002 Jeep Liberty window reg part worked perfectly. Its nice to know there are still people out there that can build a "Better Mouse Trap". The plastic part from Jeep factory is junk and I can see that I will probably be replacing 3 others when they break. The direction that you sent with the part were also excellent! I could do the next one in a little over an hour now. Thanks Again!

--Todd in IA

It worked...the window is fixed for good. Can't wait for,the other window to break. I know who to call.

Thanks again

--Al in CA

You may get a kick out of this story. First off, I am an electrical engineering graduate of MIT class of 1987. I like to think that I can figure out a thing or two. When my Jeep Liberty window fell into it's door and I did a Google search, your web site immediately popped up and I liked your way of thinking. Your instructions were absolutely a godsend! I got as far as trying to disconnect the electrical from the window regulator motor. I couldn't find the tab that dislocated the connectors try as I may. So, I had to resort to calling a mechanic who immediately disconnected it (I now see how) and then told me I needed a whole new regulator. I dismissed him and proceeded with your directions my window is back up and working.

Thank you so much! I have to admit I will probably be calling you for the right side bracket sometime in the near future, but I now have the ultimate confidence that I can do it myself.

--Marjorie in NV

Hi Jon, the kit arrived today in the mail for my Liberty, just finished installing it and it works like a champ! Installation was a breeze, especially with the detailed instructions, awesome job on everything. Many thanks for offering this product, saved me money and headaches.

--Tim in TX

Your product is excellent.
Thank You

--Gary in FL

terrific product. quick shipping.

product is brilliant. thank you.

--John in AZ

great! just as promised

works great if you have a jeep liberty you NEED these. thanks

--Phil in CO

Works like a charm! Just follow directions to install it and the window is fixed

Fast delivery, great product!

--Charles in FL

WOW!!! Very nice replacment part. Really well made. Going to buy from again A+++

--Clarence in CA

fast service, very helpful with info, great price & product, thanks

--Colin in Northern Territory, Australia

brilliant little fix here!

--Darrell in Saskatchewan, Canada

GREAT to do business with!!!!! OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! Will be coming back!!!

--Matthew in NC

Great part. Shame Jeep didn't put it in orginally. Well made.

--Hunter in VA

Excellent product. Arrived in 3 days. Outstanding.

--Edward in FL

Excellent service and product!!!

A great idea to a common problem, fast shipping great service!!!

--Jodi in KS

works great

--Dorothy in FL

Fast Shipping and Excellent Product. Works beutifull!!!!

--Ramon in PR

great product,work perfect,thank you

--Slaven in FL

great fix AAA+++

--Heather in PA

Excellent service, fast shipping. Solid Product. Thanks!

--William in AZ

Perfect seller, part, instructions. Worth price in future savings! AAA+++++++

--John in CA

awesome fix for a factory design flaw

--Richard in MD

Product easily installed and worked

--Neal in IA

Very simple instructions fast shipping good quality highly recomend

--Matt in MI

thank mate just what i need this guy is great buy from him+++++++++++

--Raymond in Western Australia

Life saver. Windows works great now. Thanks. A+++

--Clarence in CA

This is my 2nd regulator purchase & both have worked perfectly. Great product!!!

--Josh in TX


--Howard in IL

thanks works great, fast and great packing +++

--Jamie in PA

WOW My jeep is back to mint thanks to the repair kit and Unbelievable shipping

--Ryan in FL

This is a great product, Thank u, So much, also great service.

--Gloria in PR

Perfect fit and perfect item. Thank You very very very much.

--Timothy in the Virgin Islands

great product

--John in MO

Just WOW !! Excellent product. Installation instructions were great !! Thanks !!

--Stanley in GA

This is my second one - they work great - fast shipping - thanks!!

--Richard in NM


Great job on the engineering, design and instructions. I really admire good engineering when I see it.

Thanks from a happy and satisfied customer

--Van in AZ

Great product! Replaced the inferior Jeep OEM part perfectly! Fast shipping!

--John in CA

this works!!!! I need a million of these---

--Tara in OH

Worked perfectly. Directions were very helpful. Fast shipping. Thank You.

--Shane in DE

this thing works --- thanks

--Patricia in TN

Great Product!! and fast shipping, Thanks soo much!!!!

--Steve in MD

great item, great customer service, fast shipping

--Mike in CA

this works and fits great

--Jim in CO

I ordered the kit for my left side window and the repair was super easy. I'm not a mechanic, but with the few tools I needed and the ones you sent, I was able to fix my window for a third of what the dealer would have charged. Plus, I won't be paying for the repair again in a year or two! The dealer had already replaced both rear window regulators!

--David in WV

used it on rear right window and i have had no problems since

--Madison in TN

Did the left side last year, now the right side is broke. I like your product and instructions.

--David in FL

We bought the right rear window repair kit last summer. Works great!

--Gladys in TX

I was very satisfied with the ease of the repair and the easy instructions. thx

--Kevin in AZ

Used this part to fix the left side last year. Great part!

--Robert in KS

awesome seller, perfect fix for broken window regulator

--Barry in AZ

GREAT PRODUCT!!! forget OEM. Works great. good seller response and ship times.

--Joe in TN

recommend this kit to any one with jeep liberty window problem

--Richard in TX

Worked like a charm!

--Dony in TN

Now I have a Jeep With 2 Steiger Rear Window Kits! They work GREAT! Thanks Tons!

--Jeff in NE

Hi Jon--
You are a genius! The mechanic put the window regulator you sent me in today. No problems. When he showed me the Jeep part they had replaced, I understood the problem more fully. Kudos to you for the fix!!!! I will be passing your info. along to every Jeep owner I meet!!!

Thank you!

--Erin in CO

Fantastic instructions. Easy to install. Thank you. Problem FIXED.

--William in KY

Jon answered my question, solid product!! I'd buy 3 more for other windows!! A++

--Jeff in OH

excellent product.

Everything that the seller said and described was right on the mark!!!!!

--Macedonio in TX

Excellent product....excellent service!

--Bobby in GA

great product        super fast shipping

--Mike in IN

Super Great Seller, Super Fast Delivery! Great Product! A+++++

I really enjoyed our transcation and have already installed kit and window is working beautifully! We will be doing more business in future...

--Vince in TX

Installed today    perfect fit    easy to use instructions    thanks

--Michael in OH

Excellent product. Works great.

Easy to install, fast delivery, very happy!!!

--Edier in PR

Awesome Item! Will recommend anytime

--Maria in FL

Fixed my problem great.

--Eric in KY

Perfect transaction. Exactly as described. Fast shipping-awesome instructions!

--Joe in AZ

Quick shipping. Part is perfect for my jeep

--Jeffrey in NC

this works and fits great

--Jim in CO

Bought your left side kit, works fantastic! Unfortunately like not even 3 weeks later the other side broke... lol oh well atleast I know your kit works and I can fix it!

--Jong in NC

Jon, thanks for offering these products. I can offer my customers a value repair now!!

--David from a Chrysler dealership in AL

just applied repair kit to left rear door - worked great!

--Sam in TX

Nice design and fabrication of your repair kit. The instructions made the repair as easy as could be expected. I was amazed comparing Jeep's wimpy plastic part to your robust metal replacement part.

--John in TX

Great product with easy instructions.

--Roald in the USVI

Innovative and awesome repair kit! Worked like a charm, thank you!!

--Tammy in SC


works great a++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

--Gene in CO

Just finished installing the first window regulator kit on my Daughter's Liberty. It works great, instructions a excellent. Job well done. Ordering the other side today.

--Michael in LA

Thank you so much! I am so pleased with the part I already bought from you..and knew it was only a matter of time before the plastic (on the second total replacement purchased from JEEP) Ill be glad to get your part in there. My dad installed the first one for me..said you instructions were excellent.

--Abigail in TN

Great transaction and great product that does the job!

--Michael in NY

Thank You so much great product fast ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Brian in KY

Seller is out standing. Item is very well designed. Repeat buyer replaced all 4.

--Forrest in MO

simply speechless! This window repair kit was awesome with great directions!

--Trent in AZ

Fast Shipping....easy install...Works Great!!!! .. Thank You

--Roger in AL


--Kyle in TX

Worked perfectly! Only too 1 hour to replace!

--Craig in VA

Easy to install, durable, believe it permenantly fixed the problem

--Jeff in TN

It's done! Works like a charm. You saved me $200. Would never consider the Chinese knock off. Been there, done that. You rock! Here's one for the American entrepreneur!! Thank you.

--Warren in FL

Sir, I have bought you produce twice now and love it. Can't wait for the new one to come in so I do not have to worry about my window any more. Again thank you so much.

--Charles in NV

Just wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I am with this replacement window regulator kit I ordered from you. I finally got around to doing the repair to my wife's Liberty. The instructions are very detailed and easy to understand. After dismantling the regulator, I was appalled to find that the trouble was the plastic window bracket had virtually melted where the spiral cable was fitted. I thought "how cheap can Chrysler be?" I am glad that your part is made of metal so I don't think I need to worry about that window again. If her other windows fail, which I'm sure is only a matter of time, I will definitely order the replacement kit from you again.

Thanks again for providing such an excellent replacement kit!

--William in CO

wonderful transaction! Will buy again when other windows break.

--Stephanie in SC

Quick delivery and worked great!

--Vonda in OK

Very fast shipment and worked perfectly

--Pennie in FL

A+ quality product, included instructions were excellent. Extremely satisfied

--Robert in NJ

Fantastic product, worked well. Fast shipment, highly recommended!! thank you!

--Matthew in PA

Saved me over $300 compared to taking in to shop again. Thanks

--Derek in AZ

Thanks for your great customer service.

--Paul in MO

Liberty Reg Repairkit. Def worth the money. Quality piece+excellent instructions

--Johan in TX

Quality product!!

--Dale in IA

part worked great! 2 Women installed it with the instructions included with part

--Ellen in MO

Awesome parts, fixed the window that has been trouble for a year. Heavy duty METAL part, replaces the cheap factory plastic.

--Mark in TN

A++ Item as Described! My window is WORKING!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Will be back!

--Charine in FL

Great product! Got one in each passenger door now since the stock ones suck! :)

--Ryan in NV

2nd one I have bought from you - 110% perfect again! TYVM

--Keith in KS

very fast shipping,A+ Service! Excellent Transaction! Great Item! Would Deal With Again

--Martin in CA

I found you first via a Google search for aftermarket window regulators. I've come back because the first repair kit worked so beautifully.

--Marcella in TX

Fantastic product!! I'm not the type that normally takes the time to provide feedback unless I really feel motivated; your product is so good I felt compelled to. My mother's '06 Liberty was on its 3rd failed regulator window bracket. Jeep makes great vehicles, but the OEM plastic window bracket is a joke. Your product is designed and constructed flawlessly! The instructions were excellent - very clear and offer detailed images. Anyone with basic mechanical ability would be able to install this kit. When the other side goes, I will be sure to "Steiger-ize" it. Don?t waste your time or $$$ buying a new or used OEM assembly - this is the ONLY solution to the woeful Liberty window regulator ailment.


--Brad from WI

I recently installed your window regulator kit on my daughter's 03 Jeep Liberty. I am not much of a mechanic but I found the repair to be very doable by a novice. Your directions were detailed and illustrated so I knew exactly what to do at each step. The repair took me approx 2 hours and worked perfectly. A great alternitive to a $400. repair at the dealer!


--Jack in VA

Great product and great customer service

--Foster in FL

Just installed the Steiger Performance window repair kit for my daughter's '03 Liberty Sport. Since the dealers / mechanics charge $300 - $400, I had a few concerns about the DIY aspect of the repair. However, it seems that whoever wrote your installation instructions must have installed about about a thousand of these, and also knew how to communicate the directions.

Thanks for making it a relatively simple task.

--Jerry in TX

Thanks Jon. Part is in, window works great. Very nice quality part. Hopefully another window doesn't go, but if it does I will order the part for the next one as well.

--Bob in RI

I want to thank you very much for your product and guidance, the Jeep Liberty Rear Door Window Regulator repair kit. I ordered this, and by following your careful, step by step instructions I successfully installed the new part. I had checked a couple of videos on You-Tube that promised to show how to replace the part, but they made me believe I could not do it. I searched again and found your site. It gave me confidence to try, and you live up to your promotion. Your instructions, with the right pictures, are clear and easy to follow.

Thank you!

--Dave in CA

Ordered a right rear window regulator repair kit from you. It worked so well when my left window quit working I naturally went to you for another kit. It worked great as well. I'm assuming it will just be a matter of time before I need the 2 front ones. Here's hoping you will still be there when that happens.

--Hardy in TX

Thanks for your help and a great product.

--Kevin in CO

Just got my new regulator installed.Was pretty easy following the instructions provided! [...] Looking at the old bracket I can see why they fail, and thank you for making a superior replacement part!

--Brian in IL

Yup. Exactly like your site says, I replaced the first. It was only a matter of time. The right rear window failed maybe a year ago. Thank god, I found your site online. I ordered the kit and fixed the window. The dealer wanted $700 or something, which would have simply replaced everything with the same faulty parts. The other rear window went this weekend. Ordering the kit again.

The fact that you and your company exist and make this part is seriously insane. Thanks so much!

--Nate in CA

I installed your rear widow replacements parts in both Jeeps over 2 years ago - they have all been working flawlessly ever since. Great after market product!

--Frank in IL


Thanks for your help! A great product + great customer service... I will pass your name along gladly if I can.

--Randy in TX

All your parts worked well and were easy to install with your instructions. You did good.

Thanks for the great product, good instructions, and great customer support.

--Scott in ID

Thank You for producing such a good product. Jeep windows are very frustrating.

--David in CT

Great kit, great instructions, miles of smiles from the owner.

--Phillip in Brisbane, Australia

Thanks for making a quality and affordable part. [...] I've now had to replace all four on my '04 Liberty. Compared to the cost of the complete controller kit from Chrysler, you've saved me quite a bit!

--David in VA

Hello Jon! Got the part you fixed, put it back today and it works the way it is supposed to! You instruction sheet is easy to use and I am happy to have done business with you. If you need to use me as a reference, you can give out my e mail address and I will gladly tell anyone how good your product is.

Words can't express how thankful I am that you were able to fix my cable. [...] Thanks again.

--Donald in FL

I just ordered my 4th Jeep Liberty window regulator from you. Thankfully, this is the last window - hurray! I can't thank you enough for the parts you offer to fix this ridiculous issue. After replacing the 1st one with our mechanic (to the tune of $300+) and having it BREAK AGAIN, my husband sought a better fix, and found it with you. He has since replaced 3 window regulators, and as I stated earlier, we are on our last one. Again, thanks for your great product. You've saved us so much money

--Jennifer in AZ

I recently purchased a full set of your window repair kits to repair all of the windows in my 2004 Jeep Liberty. I bought the Jeep with 2 windows broken but decided to replace them all because I don't want any problems down the road. I got them all installed and it was a pretty painless experience thanks in part to the fantastic instruction sheet you provide with the kits. I looked at all the options available to me prior to purchasing your kits and decided that your kits would do the job the best and would stand the test of time. I can appreciate all of the time and effort that went into developing these kits and that combined with you standing behind them if there ever was a problem justified the slightly higher cost in my opinion. I just wanted to thank you for making a great product that is a blessing to all Liberty owners. I would also like to say to anyone considering purchasing these kits that they are truly a quality product and install easily by following the instructions provided. The extra money spent will provide you with peace of mind that you should never have a problem with your windows again.

--Mario in OR

Jon, i received the correct bracket for the jeep liberty u resent me. Got it installed today with no issues at all. Just wanted to tell you man, I have never seen a better and well thought out replacement part in any other applications I've dealt with. Also you are a true professional in your Business dealings & ethics. it's been a pleasure dealing with you & your company. Thank you.

--Anthony in SC

I installed the kit and am very pleased with it. The part and the directions were both excellent. I'm tempted to go ahead and install the kit on my other three windows, even though they are not yet broken. The plastic part holding up the other windows is not exactly confidence inspiring!

--Matt in GA

Received my kit this afternoon. All went well with the repair. Thanks for the great repair kit. Both rear windows have now been repaired/changed, not sure how long before I will be back for the front!

--Scot in TN

Just installed your jeep KJ window regulator.... Thank you so much for making this..... saved me $$$ and took me less than 35 minutes to install. Top quality parts and service. A+ job!

--Paul in CT

A few months ago i purchased your product it was SP13001 - Right Rear Power Window Regulator Repair Kit for my Jeep Liberty 2002. I am very satisfied with your product. The instruction that came with the kit repair are very simple too follow, step by step. I personally i recommend. Please let me be part of the testimonial i'm for San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico.

Thank you!

--Julio in Puerto Rico

My 2002 Jeep Liberty is a great vehicle, except for the rear window regulator assembly. Left and right units failed seven times total. I jammed rubber hose to hold the widow unit up for two years. The other one repaired by the dealership after four weeks on the phone with Corporate Headquarters and still had to pay $100.00 install fee. They left out the keeper key and the drive ball pin bent and broke the plastic drive assembly. (Broke in a different place, rather than being stripped). I installed your SP13001 kit, right rear and so easy. Works great and now I have ordered the SP13002 for the left rear. Too bad Jeep USA did not contract for your parts and pay to have them installed by the dealerships. You know it cost Jeep millions in lost sales. Loyalty is earned not bought. It seems that Steiger Performance parts are well thought out.

--Clifford in TX

Jon, I'd like to thank you for making this product and for the exceptionally detailed instructions you included. My rear window regulator broke a few weeks ago and I called the mechanic to check on an estimate to fix it. After the guy who answered the phone made it clear he didn't trust my diagnosis of the problem and wouldn't, therefore, give me a ballpark of what it would cost to fix, he told me the diagnosis alone would cost me $79. I said "thank you and goodbye" and ordered a regulator from your website.
The day after Thanksgiving I fixed my window using your written instructions which were excellent. You described the process and parts perfectly and my Dad and I just walked through each step and now my window goes up and down again (and stays up, the most important part) flawlessly. Some steps were a little more difficult than they sound from the description, but a little persistence goes a long way. And now that I've fixed one window, I know exactly what to do when the next one breaks (one down, three to go)!

--Elizabeth in CA

This is the second order for my 2007 jeep liberty. The first order last year was for the RR door that was never changed since new. The other 3 doors had all been replaced before I bought the car used. They were changed to the previous year with all new parts, windows included. This is the first time I have ever written a letter to a company I have bought something from. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent product you manufacture and the quick delivery as well. I knew about the liberty window before I purchased the jeep but I felt comfortable because I found you online first.

--Jim in MN

I really appreciate your repair solutions with the thorough instructions and support.

--Brad in CA

Dear Steiger Performance:

Recently I purchased the window regulator repair kit referenced above. (SP13002)

I would like to qualify my statements below with some of my automotive background. I do not service vehicles professionaly, but I have removed/replaced transmissions, rear axle assemblies, torn apart (and assembled correctly) engines as well as the usual brake repairs, water pump replacements, alternators and the like.

That being said, in my history of fixing cars (over 30 years), I have never found a product to be so superior to OEM parts as your SP13002 reulator. Further, the instructions were superior to those of any part or repair manual that I have ever encountered. Every single step of the process to replace the window regulator was clearly spelled out and most included pictures. Any person, regardless of mechanical ability, could have replaced this component with a modest selection of tools.

My order was filled quickly and the packaging was clearly done with care. My hat is off to Steiger Performance as you have actually built a better mouse-trap, plus is was professional and nicely packaged.

I will browse your site for any other products that fit any of the five vehicles I am currently "playing" with.

Thank you for making this repair a walk in the park.

--Steven in CA

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that I received and installed the power window repair part. The whole process when very smooth, thanks to your detailed instructions and precision parts. After seeing how the OEM part broke (just plastic), I would probably replace any OEM window regulator again and again. Your metal repair part should last as long as the jeep is on the road.

I appreciate your innovative solution, and will recommend it to anyone else that has a broken window regulator.


--Brian in Manitoba, Canada

Your 2003 Jeep right rear window regulator repair kit works great. I'm 68 years old and have a bad heart. I received the kit during a hot spell. I took my time pulling the regulator one day, repairing the regulator the next day,and reinstalling it the following day. Total time for repair was 90 minutes. The repair works like a charm.

--Howard in PA

I installed your window repair kit in my '04 Jeep Liberty yesterday. Wanted to say how well everything went. Product quality was great and the directions were superb. Could tell that the person who wrote the directions had actually used them first hand and had experience with all the "little things" that crop up along the way.

I know this wasn't a big job as I am pretty handy with things, but I do live about 80 miles from town, so if things don't go right, I'm out of luck. Was nice to have great service, great product, great instruction. I'll be back if I need anything else.

--Randall in NM

Hi Jon,

I ordered your kit months ago and finally got brave enough to tackle trying to fix the window on my daughter's Jeep. I figured it was already broken, so I couldn't mess it up worse, right???

I had no idea what I was doing but followed your directions step-by-step and the window now WORKS!!! Your kit and instructions are great, easy to follow and you captured the process perfectly!

Thank you!

--Chris in CO

I bought a similar repair kit from your site years ago for my other passenger door and it has held up completely. Thank you for all you do.

--Logan in VA

I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for producing this window part. You have saved me hundreds of dollars. I installed the part in 3 hours, it was my first time doing it. The part works perfectly and the side notes were very helpful. Thanks again for your ingenuity!

--Bryan in MN

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