Comments received for the Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit
(2002-2006 Front Door)

Just wanted to let you know I received my part on Saturday and Thank You, it took 35 minutes to install and fit perfect. It's rare to order a part that fits the first time with no modifications, I will be ordering the driver side soon.

--Doug in TN

Wonderful Product, Again. Did rear windows awhile back-worked wonders and you have now created product for front windows, bought, installed and works like a charm. Thank You. 2006 Jeep Liberty 4X4. P.S. still waiting for part from other vendor ( comparision for time and money spent.) Thanks for getting back on the road.

--Guy in CA

What a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for a nice experience. As bad as it is with my window not rolling up - your company made it less of an ordeal.

--Marjorie in NJ

Installed your repair kit today.

Excellent product, excellent quality and easy to install.

I have gotten a couple repair kits from others that were cheap quality and usually broke again and cost more. They used original plastic and piece of wire!

Thanks for the great product.

--Steve in CA

I also ordered a kit for front/right window a few months ago. Worked perfect, thanks.

--Claudio in TX

Seller is out standing. Item is very well designed. Repeat buyer replaced all 4.

--Forrest in MO

Sir, I have bought you produce twice now and love it. Can't wait for the new one to come in so I do not have to worry about my window any more. Again thank you so much.

--Charles in NV

Your service is great and I would definitely do business with your company in the future.

--Kathy in IA

Thanks for making a quality and affordable part. [...] I've now had to replace all four on my '04 Liberty. Compared to the cost of the complete controller kit from Chrysler, you've saved me quite a bit!

--David in VA

I just ordered my 4th Jeep Liberty window regulator from you. Thankfully, this is the last window - hurray! I can't thank you enough for the parts you offer to fix this ridiculous issue. After replacing the 1st one with our mechanic (to the tune of $300+) and having it BREAK AGAIN, my husband sought a better fix, and found it with you. He has since replaced 3 window regulators, and as I stated earlier, we are on our last one. Again, thanks for your great product. You've saved us so much money

--Jennifer in AZ

Great part!! Thanks for the solution. You made my daughter happy. It is her first car and the window quit working the first week.

--Keith in TX

Thanks Jon, received my Jeep drivers door repair kit. Worked perfectly. All the parts were just as described in your directions. Only took 20 minutes(or less) to install once the door was apart. Your tips and directions made the repair so simple, it's a shame Jeep did such a poor job engineering the inside of the doors in the first place. Appreciate your efforts and I'm really glad I did an internet search before taking my vehicle into the shop.

When the other doors break(and I'll bet they do) I'll get the other repair kits too!!

--Michael in WV

Hello, just wanted to pass along a Thank you. The part was shipped quickly and I really appreciated the instructions included. Yes, we tend to just tear things apart but I chose to follow your instructions today. Jeep should never allow this plastic part be released and I was happy to find your parts.

--Don in MI

I recently purchased a full set of your window repair kits to repair all of the windows in my 2004 Jeep Liberty. I bought the Jeep with 2 windows broken but decided to replace them all because I don't want any problems down the road. I got them all installed and it was a pretty painless experience thanks in part to the fantastic instruction sheet you provide with the kits. I looked at all the options available to me prior to purchasing your kits and decided that your kits would do the job the best and would stand the test of time. I can appreciate all of the time and effort that went into developing these kits and that combined with you standing behind them if there ever was a problem justified the slightly higher cost in my opinion. I just wanted to thank you for making a great product that is a blessing to all Liberty owners. I would also like to say to anyone considering purchasing these kits that they are truly a quality product and install easily by following the instructions provided. The extra money spent will provide you with peace of mind that you should never have a problem with your windows again.

--Mario in OR

First of all, thank you. My daughter has a 2006 Jeep Liberty that she loves, but since she bought it new in 2006 she has had to have the window regulator replaced five times. The first three were under warranty so it was just an inconvenience, but the last two cost her nearly $400 each. It obviously a design issue that Jeep has not corrected. I bought your repair kit and just installed it. Your instructions were great and the install was simple. The difference between your part and the factory one is amazing. I have no doubt that she will have no more problems with this one window. I now am planning to replace the other three. Once again, thank you. My daughter now can keep her Liberty.

--Gary in AZ

Just wanted to say that the product arrived quickly and the installation was very simple. If I need to do any of the other windows on our Liberty, you can count on my business. I will definitely recommend you to all of my Jeep friends!

--Michael in MI

Jon, the effort expended on the Jeep window regulator repair instructions is greatly appreciated. The plastic was wedged in the tube and your instructions were spot on to extract it. This is my 2nd Steiger install. What a great product. Keep up the good work.

--Gary in TX

It is in! Works like a charm - Thank you very much! If we decide to repair the rear windows we will order the parts from you for sure - I have also shared the whole experience on my Facebook for all the other people with the same issues. The instructions were perfect & giving the extra screw/washer was amazing - they are tiny!

--Patty in FL

I've replaced all four regulators and I couldn't be happier. Just in time too: the LF regulator was clearly cracked and about to break. Wouldn't have lasted the winter.

Thanks for a great product, and for all your help,

--Patrick in Alberta, Canada

I love your company and if I have to I would gladly purchase from you again. [...] Thank you for helping all of us Jeep Liberty owners with our windows.

--Jennifer in OH

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