Comments received for the Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit
(2006-2007 Rear Door)

Hi Jon, installed the kit today worked perfect...

--Dennis in OR

I wanted to let you know that I received my order today and just got through installing the regulator repair kits on my Jeep. I can not thank you enough! Everything fit like a glove. Your instructions were right on, down to the smallest details. I am so relieved to have found your website and know that they will not break on me like the factory ones. This makes 5 that have broke on me since I've owned my jeep. I replaced both the LR and the RR with your kit and couldn't be happier! Again, I can not thank you enough!

--Buck in UT

I just installed the kit yesterday. It took a buddy and I roughly 90 min in his well equiped garage. A hearty thank you for a quality product with well written instructions. Seeing how the worm gear on OEM part fails I'm just flabbergasted by the shoddyness of the darn thing.

When the drivers side side fails again (for the 3rd time) I'll be purchasing another kit.

A Satisifed customer

--Ian in NV

How can I thank thee...let me count the ways! A million thank you's Jon for manufacturing the window fix for my 07 Jeep Liberty. Window #1 (a front window) went out within the first 15,000 miles, so was repaired under warranty. Window #2 (a rear window) went out within 5,000 miles after warranty was up - so, repair costs would be mine & very expensive - plus - how long would the repair even hold up. Then I read a post on a forum about your fabulous fix for the liberty window disasters. Voila! We are saved. The install took my husband a little less than 2-hours and the window works beautifully. After comparing the manufacturers part to the part we received from you we understand why the first part failed and why the newly replaced part will probably last forever. I feel sure we will be ordering more replacements from you as the originals and the first replaced window will probably fail again. You are a wonder and have saved us mucho $$$$. Thanks so much!

--Julia in TN

Exceptionally well done instructions. The new part works perfect. As a retired engineer, I was impressed with your problem solving and design skills. Jeep Liberty owners should thank you for what you provide.

--Bob in NV

I just want to say thanks for offering a great product. It took me two hours because it was the first time I had ever been inside a door to that degree. But it works perfectly and you should sell your product to the dumb Jeep people.

Thanks a million!

--Buddy in TX

I just wanted to thank you. I got the part you sent out and all is working. Thanks again this made my wifes day!

--Travis in NE

Just a quick note that I received my Jeep window regulator repair kit on Saturday and within 30 minutes my window was back to being functional. Your fabrication ability is phenomenal. The part fit perfect! Although they weren't needed, the extra hardware was very much appreciated; the screw/washers/nut are so tiny, you never know when someone might drop the first one and having the backup could definitely save a headache.

No reply necessary, I just wanted to send you the note of thanks. I will be back to order replacements for my remaining windows when the inevitably break.

Have a great day!

--Ben in FL

Just want you to know that your repair kit works. You saved me a few $$$. Thanks.

--Permaul in NY

Just wanted to let you know how great your product and service was - the part was very slick - just went in and worked

Saved me hundreds - Thanks for your assistance

--Greg in Victoria PC, Australia

I installed the RR kit today on my 2007 Liberty. I am not known for my automotive skills yet I found this extremely easy to install. It works perfectly. I will definitely be back for the other doors. This is what makes this country great; innovative and hard working small business owners (not Government Motors). Take care.

--Eric in TX

I replaced the part today in about hour. Worked perfectly! Just wanted you to know what a great product and solution you have for this manufactures defect. Directions were terrific. I almost feel like going ahead and replacing the other side before the inevitable occurs.

Thanks much.

--John in MD

I recieved and installed your repair kit today. The kit was fantastic. The broken part was just as you described what a cheap piece of plastic. I furhter found it funny as my wife had taken the jeep to the dealership late in the evening. I was unable to speak with the shop personnel that night. Later that night I found your website and order the repair kit. The next day I spoke with the dealership. They told me it would be $500.00 dollars to fix with thier new up grade kit. I remember reading your web page and told the guy that the kit was not a new upgrade. He immediately ended the conversation and retrieved my jeep. I want to say thank you! You have a great product and will be ordering the a repair kit for the other door soon. I will furhter tell anyone I meet with same problem to vist your website.

--Joe in MO

I got the Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit. The instructions alone were worth the money. They were detailed and specific. The repair was easy and everything worked well the first time after completing the project. The dealership wanted to replace everything for $500+. What a savings!

--Eric in PA

Another feather in your hat sir! Great product, easy to install (instructions are very clear), the response and delivery time are second to none.

--David in TX

I recently ordered the 06-07 window regulator for my jeep liberty rear driverside. I must say it took only about an hour to take out and install the new one and it works great. Replacement from my local dodge place was gonna cost me around $300.00 dollars this only costed about $95.00 including shipping so i saved around $200.00 dollars and thats awsome. Just want to say thanks and for taking better pride in your craftsman ship and quality. All i need now is one for the front driverside which i think your working on. Thanks again

--George in TN

Just wanted to say thanks for the part. I am not in the practice of thanking people that I have to give money to but, you saved me hundreds. I received the part and installed it in 20 min. I skipped the removing the motor part which saved some time I am sure. Anyway no more zippie ties holding up the window.

--Brian in NC

Just ordered a SP13006 for my 06 Liberty. Your instructions were awesome. I had no trouble removing the part(s) and am sure the install will go just as well. Awesome job!!! The local Jeep dealer quoted me $465.00 to repair the window.

Just wanted to let you know that the repair kit you sent is installed and working GREAT. The instructions were super and actually made it a fun repair to complete. Great Job in making right what Chrysler Corp screwed up on.

--Brad in WY

Hi thanks for the speedy reply
Got it fixed - saved us a few bucks for sure - great product

--Wayne in CO

Thanks for the repair kits. Your installation instructions were very clear and intuitive. I had no problems. I like your solution so much that I decided to proactively order kits for the right side.

Thanks again

--Gary in TX

Got my 13005 and put it in. Thanks for a great product!

--Paul in NV

I purchased the window regulator [repair kit] from you earlier this month but got it installed only last week by a local auto technician. It works fine so far and I am really pleased to have my Jeep secure and back on the road again. I hope the other window regulators don't break, but if they do, I will come back to you for a replacement part.

With thanks,

--Jo in AL

Recieved my repair kits for the rear windows on the 2007 Liberity today. Installed the left rear because it was already broke was a snap to install and the window works like new. Will go ahead and install the right one later. Anyone having problems with the windows should use this repair kit and be done with the problem. Thank you very much for making these and can not wait for the front kits to be available. Will order as soon as you get them.

--James in TX


--Donald in MO

This is the second regulator [repair kit] I've purchased from Steiger Performance, and I'll keep buying them until I've replaced all of the cheap plastic regulators Jeep provided!

--Amy in CA

I work at a major Toyota dealership. With a 2006 Jeep Liberty on our used car lot we were told the window regulator was unfixable and on national backorder. Steiger not only had a fix, it works flawlessly. Thanks Folks.

--David in SC

Just placed an order for the front left window on my Liberty. Previously I purchased the left rear. The job could not have been simpler, excellent instructions. Keep up the good work!

--Adam in IL

I just fixed my daughter's Jeep Liberty using your 2006-2007 Jeep Liberty Rear Door Power Window Regulator Repair Kit. I just wanted to let you know that your directions were not only precise and complete but easy to understand. I finished the job in half the time I thought it would take me. Thanks for all the effort you put into providing pictures and tips to get the job done right.

--Rich in PA

Thank you so much for coming up with a fix for the Jeep Power Window Regulators!!! It's awesome to be able to use my windows again.

--Nancy in OK

This device should have been the OEM.

Your product is much better than the OEM device and I can't imagine what the dealer normally charges. I think anyone with minimal tools and isn't afraid to do the repair should be dealing with you not Jeep.

--Stewart in NJ

The part I got from you was great and the instructions were easy to follow. Every time I see a Jeep Owner I tell them about your great parts on you website

--Jim in IN

Awesome prouduct! The rear window kit for my 2007 Liberty was a simple repair made easy with your well made prouduct. Thanks for the easy to follow detailed instructions, this made it possible for even me tackle. I would recommend this part over any dealer available fix.

--Ed in MO

I am 100% happy with your items and will continue to do business with you. Your product quality far exceeds my experience at any dealership.

--Sarah in OH

I ordered 2 window regulators summer of last year... the windows are working fantastic.

--Stanley in the UK (APO AE)

I had purchased two window reg. repair kits from you for my 07 Liberty and they worked perfectly [...] great product and I will recommend to ANYONE who has a Jeep.

--Robert in FL

The window is working great!!!!!!!

--Shirley in OR

Excellent product!!! EXCELLENT customer service

--Wayne in CO

Thank you very much! I have told everyone I know on Facebook if they own a Jeep to get in contact with you! Keep selling them!

By the way it works wonderful!

--Lorie in OK

I ordered two of your regulators for the right side of my Jeep Liberty, one for the front and one for the back. They work great! Excellent Directions!

--Stu in IN

Fit like a glove very happy

--Larry in IL

Thanks. The new part worked perfect!!!

--Bill in NJ

I have used your product before for right side back window and its amazing

--Alison in ON, Canada

I service and repair medical equipment, for over 35 years. I must say your instructions and product are first class. I do not remember any retrofit instructions being this good, printed in color was another plus. The actual regulator repair kit was 100% better then the factor window bracket, and power coated. It took about two hours to do the repair on our 2007 Jeep Liberty and it worked perfectly.

--Jerry in IN


Just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for your efforts in helping to resolve this issue. The pars look great! Can't wait to install them! Thank-you for creating a fix for these windows. You're going to save me hundreds of dollars. A+ customer service!

Thanks again Jon!

--Phil in PA

I just want to thank you with providing a great product. This is the second window I had to do on my Jeep Liberty and the product was great along with great directions. I consider myself a above average handyman and this project was just made easier with the easy to follow directions and quality product. If Jeep used this piece in the first place would not have to do these repairs

--Mike in NJ

You have a great product there. Jeep should be buying your product and installing it for Jeep customers for free. Your ingenuity and inventiveness is a true testament to the American spirit and small business owners and innovators like yourself that drive the American economy and make America great. Keep up the good work and thanks for standing behind your product. I will continue to tout your product to anyone I know with a pre-2010 Jeep.

--Jerry in NJ

I just finished fixing the back wIndows on my wife's 2007 Liberty, I've already done the front passenger window. The product works great, the instructions are easy to follow...

Thanks for making a great product, can believe how cheap the OEM parts were made.

--Rudy and Debbie in GA

Thank you.
Love your product. Very well made. Telling all my friends about it not just for how well the parts are made but also how wonderful customer service is.

Great parts great service.
Thanks again,

--Irene in NC

A great product.

--Helmut in Bergheim, Germany

Took the door apart this am and you were dead on as to what I needed and its now on order thanks and your instructions are great and I already know my Dodge/Jeep dealer knows of you as I called them on a fix thanks again

--Ray in ID

part worked great and instructions were great. would recommend to anyone. delivery time was excellent. Thanks wish all companies were as organized and easy to deal with. again thanks a lot.

--Deborah in IL

I must admit, I was appalled when I read all the negative comments regarding any of the door windows on Jeep Libertys.

Our 2007 purchased in Sept of 2007 has been trouble free up until last week with 44,000 miles. It is driven nearly every day but obviously we have not been hard on it and it still is in pretty much pristine condition.

I greatly appreciate your "fix" kit. Spending $500 - $600 for the dealer to repair such a failure that is bound to happen again is crazy. I took my time on the left rear door and it took me closer to two hours from start to finish. I ordered both rear door regulators even though the right rear is still working - just being prepared for the inevitable according to all the posts I saw on the internet. Most likely in the coming days with the next paycheck will order both front door kits as well. For just little over $400 in kits from your site is well worth the investment since we plan of keeping this Liberty for many more years.

Again, thanks for your innovation and helping us Jeep owners out.

--Greg in IN

I recently purchased Power Window Regulator Repair Kits for both the right rear and left rear windows of my mother's 2006 Jeep Liberty. I repaired the right rear window by following your directions. They were clear, straightforward, and helped me do a professional job. Your parts are awesome - thanks for saving me a boatload and making it possible to avoid putting weak plastic back in.

Your parts rock! The fact that the dealer already replaced it once, using their inferior plastic parts, just proves how much better the metal brackets are.


--Garrett in MD

Awesome product! I was able to get Chrysler to pay for the first window repair I made using your product. after that they said NO! lol. I just ordered my 4th kit from you so that should do it. No more doors left to break thank goodness. You should be proud of your product!

--Robert in WV

Thanks for your help and for making a great product.

--Curtis in TN

Thanks for your assistance. Great product, we have four working windows on the Jeep Liberty for the first time since we got it.

When I see anyone with the same issues I will be sure to send them your way.

--Jeff in VA

Thank you and I'm so glad to have found your product to fix this annoying window issue with my Jeep Liberty!!!

--Debbie in MO

Thank you for making such a great product

--Craig in MN

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