Comments received for the Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit
(2006-2007 Front Door)

I just wanted to thank you for making a small batch of the regulators for the 06-07 liberty front windows. I received it yesterday and it took me about 45 mins to install. Your quality is exceptional and the directions were great. When the other three windows go out, I will be ordering from you. Thanks

--Curtis in PA

I just finished the fix of later model Jeep Liberty that I had emailed you about.

I am blown away. I was in an unheated garage, it was 14 degrees celcius (Canada), and the fix went exactly as you said it would. Everything works, your part is ridiculously well built and I am smiling ear to ear! The fix took me about 2 hrs, buts that's because I had to break and play with my son who was trying to help me out!

I haven't even put my tools away yet and decided I had to email you.

I am seriously going to go out of my way to talk to other Liberty owners about this part. I'll even offer to install it for people if they are too afraid to do it themselves.

WOW...thanks so much for filling this void, and thanks for delivering the type of quality that should already exist in the Jeep!!!

Cheers, and you'll be hearing from me in the future, as I think I'll most likely get the other parts and replace them before we have another break on the road with the three remaining doors.

--Morgan in Saskatchewan, Canada

Thanks for the repair kits. Your installation instructions were very clear and intuitive. I had no problems. I like your solution so much that I decided to proactively order kits for the right side.

Thanks again

--Gary in TX

Thank you so much for coming up with a fix for the Jeep Power Window Regulators!!! It's awesome to be able to use my windows again.

--Nancy in OK

I am 100% happy with your items and will continue to do business with you. Your product quality far exceeds my experience at any dealership.

--Sarah in OH

I purchased a window regulator from you last year at about this time. It has worked great! I referred you to a friend with same problem he has been very happy as well!!!

--Kent in OH

I ordered 2 window regulators summer of last year... the windows are working fantastic.

--Stanley in the UK (APO AE)

I recieved my part last week and it fitted perfectly!
Thanks for having parts that work first time and everytime.

--Scott in Cairns, Australia

I ordered two of your regulators for the right side of my Jeep Liberty, one for the front and one for the back. They work great! Excellent Directions!

--Stu in IN

I would like to thank you for producing such a good quality product...I really appreciate.

--Elio in UT

Perfect !!!

--Laurent in Marseille, France

I wish I would have known about this product before the first window went down, I took it to a mechanic the first time. After the second one went, only three months later, I decided to do a web search on the problems with the power windows on the Jeep Liberty and your company came up. I read the testimonials and the installation instructions thinking, ?Yeah, right! Nothing is ever that easy.? With great skepticism I ordered the part anyway fully expecting to have a fight on my hands when the part came in and started in on the project. I was wrong. It WAS that easy and just as the instructions had stated. The whole installation only took around an hour or so. The window even runs smoother than the other three (that includes the one that the mechanic fixed for 4 times the cost of this product!). Great product, very durable! Easy to follow instructions and fast shipping (even with ordering it on a holiday weekend). I know I will be ordering for the other windows in the near future, only this time without the skepticism! Thanks for a great product and great service!

--Tim in NE

Worked perfect. AAAA+++

--Russell in TN

Fast delivery and great product, thanks!

--Eric in PA

works great

--Denise in IN

A quality item, I am impressed - Thanks

--Darrell in SK, Canada

fast shipping and awesome product

--Tom in PA

I used your replacement part for the front driver side door of our 2006 Jeep Liberty...and everything is still awesome. Now, the drivers side just broke about two hours ago. Our day of snow and the thing broke. So I'm ordering the kit to fix that door as well as your kits for the back doors (because I'm sure they'll be breaking some time soon!).

Anyway...not sure why, but for some reason I'm excited that it broke and the only reason I can think of is because of the part that you created and how incredible the quality is.

Just thought I'd let you know!

--Morgan in SK, Canada

Got the kit for R/F on Friday. 1 mile after install, the L/R broke. So, I'm doing the other 3. You have a GREAT product. THANKS

--Robert in PA

Six days after buying a 2007 Jeep Liberty the right front window fell in. After seeing all the problems with the dealerships and multiple repairs, I found your website. Ordered the part and received a superior designed product. Took just over an hour to install. Instructions were perfect. Will be ordering again as the others fail. Thanks for a great fix

--Ronald in OK

I just wanted to say thank you for a quality product and the very quick shipping. I purchased your repair kit for the drivers front window of my 2006 jeep liberty. excellent product and excellent instructions. I will not hesitate to purchase your repair kit as the other three windows break.

--Norman in NS, Canada

I was a bit taken aback when I first went to order the front two regulator repair kits and saw the prices. I understand the cost of R&D, but still... Once I received the part and saw the attention he paid to each detail, that all changed to surprise. This is what an after-market solution SHOULD be like. This guy has completely re-engineered DaimlerChrysler's square wheel into a ROUND one. Then he welded and powder coated it, applied full size softners and sent proper detailed instructions with colour pictures for the dummies amongst us.

Too bad for him FiatChrysler didn't pick up his part as the solution; they would have saved a few million in glass, and he would have sold a couple tens of thousand more units. Too bad for him, but great for us since this quality is still available to us at ONLY a hundred bucks a pop.

--Geoff in BC, Canada

WOW! This was a great experience! I replaced the left front window regulator in my 2007 Jeep Liberty in a little over an hour with help from a friend. Your instructions are spot on and your product exceeded expectations. Oh and I got it in two days! Thanks for your honesty, integrity and terrific product. You saved me $300!

--Sarah in TX

The window repair on my 2007 Jeep Liberty was a complete success using your replacement window bracket. The instructions were easy and accurate to follow even for a very unskilled garage mechanic like me. Thank you for providing a better option the just replacing this item over and over. An excellent example of one American small business doing a very good job.

--Robert in CO

I received your repair kit today and I also had it installed. I just have to say, it's truly amazing. I'm going to order two more for my other windows. You've created an awesome product!! Thank you!

--Kari in NY

Ordered the kit on Thanksgiving week on Tuesday, had it in my hand on Black Friday! It took 30 minutes to install and works better that the JUNK plastic that Jeep charges $450.00 for. I will be checking your web site to see what else you will be making! Thanks!!!!!

--Jerry in TN

Awesome product! I was able to get Chrysler to pay for the first window repair I made using your product. after that they said NO! lol. I just ordered my 4th kit from you so that should do it. No more doors left to break thank goodness. You should be proud of your product!

--Robert in WV

Thanks for your help and for making a great product.

--Curtis in TN

Thanks for the great product to fix my drivers side window

--Kevin in PA

Thanks for your assistance. Great product, we have four working windows on the Jeep Liberty for the first time since we got it.

When I see anyone with the same issues I will be sure to send them your way.

--Jeff in VA

Thank you and I'm so glad to have found your product to fix this annoying window issue with my Jeep Liberty!!!

--Debbie in MO

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