Some comments received by the Suzuki Intruder Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration Dampers

I put the Steiger vibration dampners on my 2002 800. Seemed to help. I also installed foam grips. This combo helped alot. I prefer foam grips to the ISO grips. Just a personal preference. They are very cheap and if you don't like them you can replace.

--"Gargoyle" in TX

I put the vibration dampners from Steiger Performance in my bars last night and they make a heck of a difference. I can actually see fairly clearly using the mirrors now. Got-ta-love-em.

--"Comfortably_Numb" in MD

I agree with the Kuryakyn grips. You might also try the weights from I have them and the grips and the combination helped reduce vibration. The reduced vibration was also noticeable in my mirrors.

I have a 98 VS1400 and installed the stieger bar weights and Kuryakyn ISO grips. I did not have any bar weights before, but the combination of the bar weights and grips made a noticable improvement in reduced vibration. I could also see an improvement in my mirrors being much more usable due to the reduced vibration.

--David in IL

Installed my new Kuryakyn grips a couple of weeks ago! I love 'em! Also installed vibration dampners from Steiger Performance. Both made a big improvement for my carpal tunnel and motorcycle elbow.

--"MoWold" in CA

I went with the steiger performace. It was easy to install. It did not totally take out the vibration but defintely toned it down.

--"Hopwilly" in NJ

this worked for me...

--"WehrGeist" in FL

I have the Steiger Handlebar Weights They work with IsoGrips and the price is right.

--"Timbo" in NY

I have added the Steiger Performance handlebar weights and Kuryakyn ISO grips. They do help.

--"lrd9090" in MI

Test drove my bike today with the weights in.

Wow. I didn't think it would be that big of a difference. Quite possibly the best 26 bucks I've spent on the bike so far.

--Justin in IL

The other option is the Steiger Performance handle bar dampeners. I have been using these for along time now and like them very much.

--"High Desert Intruder" in CA

+1 on the Steiger Performance dampeners. They definitely dropped the vibration levels at highway speeds.

--"WintrSol" in MO

+1 for the ISOs and I would go further and suggest you stop by Steiger Performance and look into his bar weights for the Intruders. Possibly the best 20 bucks I spent on my bike, I haven't had my throttle hand go numb since I put them in

--"Intruder Outlaw" in IL

I have these plus the ISO grips and they're awesome. The ISO grips do cut down on a lot of the vibration and the weights from Steiger performance only makes it better!

--"steveg224" in MA

Thank you for sending the longer screws and extra spacers for the vibration dampners for my 07 M50. They worked beautifully and it was by far the easiest and quickest mod I've done to my bike so far.

--Joe in NY

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