Jeep Liberty Window Regulator Repair Kit Wizard
(Will help you to determine which repair kit you need for your 2002-2007 Liberty)

Between model years 2002 through 2007, there were no less than eight different window regulators used in the Jeep Liberty! Throw in the fact that certain regulators have been discontinued and some vehicles have been retrofitted with different glass, and its no wonder that determining exactly which kit you need can get a bit confusing! It is for that reason that I created this "wizard" to take the frustration and confusion out of this process.

The wizard will ask you a series of questions, and once it has enough information to give you an answer, it will tell you exactly which kit you need for your vehicle.

It is important for you to realize that this wizard will give you the correct kit, only if you input the correct information. It assumes that your vehicle is using factory parts or that any factory service technician who has worked on your vehicle followed the proper procedures as outlined by Jeep. Because it is possible for parts to be retrofitted, it is best if you know the full history of your vehicle. For example, if your 2002 Liberty had been involved in an accident and one of the doors was replaced with a door from a 2007 model without your knowledge, you would specify that you have a 2002 Liberty and this kit would assume that you need a 2002 kit, which is not correct. This caveat goes double for used vehicles. Many strange things can happen to a vehicle in the hands of a previous owner, which you may not know about.

Almost always, this wizard will steer you to the right kit. However, if you are worried that there may be some unknown variable as described above, there is actually a 100% foolproof way to determine which kit you need - open up the door and have a look inside. Of course, this requires some extra work beforehand, but should you wish to do that, please have a look at my Jeep Liberty Window Regulator Spotter's Guide for further information.

If all else fails and you do happen to order the wrong kit, as long as you are able to return it in undamaged condition, you are welcome to exchange it for the proper one. Naturally, the postage to send the incorrect kit back to me does cost you extra money and the time to exchange the kits creates an additional delay, so whenever possible, its always best to choose the proper kit the first time. Should you have any questions or require additional help, please feel free to contact me.

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