Steiger Performance Universal Cylinder Head CC Kit

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Following are the components included in this kit:

The instructions are also available in PDF format here. Also available online in PDF format are the Cylinder Head CC Worksheet and the Compression Ratio Worksheet. Additionally, the Compression Ratio Worksheet is available as a fully functional Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which will perform all of the necessary calculations for you.

General Info

What does it mean to CC a cylinder head?

Essentially, "CC'ing a cylinder head" is a process which measures the volume of the combustion chambers in the head. Typcially this figure is listed in cubic centimeters, or CCs, hence the term, "CC'ing". When purchasing aftermarket cylinder heads, the combustion chamber volume is usually one of the specs listed. For example, the big block aluminum heads for the Mopar B/RB engines from Edelbrock are available in both 84cc and 88cc versions. This number refers to the number of CCs in a single combustion chamber. (Therefore, an "84cc head" for a standard V8 engine is actually 4 chambers of 84 CCs each, for a total of 336 CCs.)

Why would I want to CC my cylinder heads?

  1. To determine your compression ratio. You cannot compute your compression ratio if you do not know the size of your combustion chambers. Although you can sometimes find the combustion chamber volumes for stock heads and you can usually find them for aftermarket heads, the only way to be certain is to check it yourself. The "advertised" numbers are often inaccurate, can vary from cylinder to cylinder, and of course things like machine work to the heads can change the volume. If you want to compute your actual compression ratio, you must CC the heads you are planning to use - there is simply no way around it.

  2. To ensure that all of the combustion chambers in an engine are the same size. If they are not, then each cylinder will have a different compression ratio and you will either be limited by the cylinders which aren't making as much power as the others, or you will be hindered by pinging or detonation from cylinders with higher than intended compression ratios. Quality control and CNC machining has greatly reduced this problem with recent aftermarket heads, however stock, cast heads are notorious for combustion chamber volumes that vary from cylinder to cylinder.

How do I CC my cylinder heads?

What are the benefits of CC'ing my own cylinder heads?

What are the drawbacks of CC'ing my own cylinder heads?

What benefits does this kit have over other "DIY Head CC Kits"?


This kit should work with any cylinder head that has a combustion chamber which begins at the block's deck and has a bore size of up to 5.5" or so. The vast majority of cylinder heads are of this type. If you have any doubts, check out the on-line instructions and you should be able to determine if this kit will work for you.

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SP90005 - Universal Cylinder Head CC Kit $24.95

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