Steiger Performance Power Window Regulator Repair Kit
For 2002-2006* Jeep Liberty Front Window

* This kit will fit the 2002-2005 Jeep Liberty, as well as some 2006 models. If your Liberty is a 2006, please be sure to check out the Applications section to find out if this kit will work on your vehicle.

Warning: Be sure that the window repair kit you are purchasing is a genuine Steiger Performance product! Some sellers are hawking a made-in-China counterfeit/lookalike kit. For more information about this, please read my "Why Buy From Steiger Performance?" page.

Let me guess... One of the front windows in your Jeep Liberty just made a snapping or grinding noise, the window no longer works, the glass wants to fall down into the door and you can move it up and down by hand? If so, then please allow me to be the first to welcome you to the club! :-)

The Problem

The power windows in the Jeep Liberty are notorious for breaking in this manner. The problem is the design of the mechanism used to move the window. The Liberty uses a plastic window bracket that rides inside of a metal track in the door. As you use the window, the part of the plastic bracket that rides inside the metal guide rail tends to wear away until it becomes too thin to support the weight of the window, at which point it snaps and down comes the glass! Wear isn't the only reason for the failure of this part however - it is simply too weak. I know people who have had brand new window regulators installed and despite never using the window, the regulator broke anyway.

There are many people out there who need to use both hands to count the number of regulators that have failed in their Liberty! Its one thing to have to keep replacing a part while you are still covered under the factory warranty, since the dealership will replace it for "free", but what happens when the warranty expires and you have to foot the entire bill? I don't know about you, but throwing money at a part I know is going to break again (perhaps soon) does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside...

To add insult to injury, the only option provided by Jeep to fix the problem is to replace the entire window regulator - guide rail, bracket, motor and everything, most of which are perfectly functional! The problem is a broken piece of plastic and the solution is to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the entire regulator? There is something very wrong with this picture. :-)

My Solution

SP13003 - Right Front Kit - Click for larger pic I am far too cheap to spend that kind of money to replace a mechanism which still has the vast majority of its parts in perfect working order. Besides, its the principle of the thing - breaking a little piece of plastic should not mean that an entire $200 mechanical assembly is now junk! In my opinion, a better solution would be to simply replace the part that is actually broken, and that is exactly what this repair kit allows you to do.

The main component of the kit is a window bracket that replaces the broken plastic one. It is constructed of steel and has a powdercoat finish, with nylon inserts for the wear surfaces. The stock spiral cable inside the regulator attaches to this bracket in exactly the same manner as the stock bracket. In order to install it, the regulator assembly is removed from the vehicle and dissassembled. The broken plastic bracket is discarded and the metal bracket included with this kit slides onto the regulator.

SP13004 - Left Front Kit - Click for larger pic The install requires only normal hand tools, with the most difficult part of the procedure probably being the removal of a small rivet on the regulator. If you have a drill, grinder or Dremel® tool, removing the rivet is actually not a big deal. If you don't have access to power tools, the rivet can technically be removed with a hand file, if you've got the stamina and the patience. :-)

All of the hardware that you will need is included, and I also include a Torx tool. (Some of the fasteners on the regulator use a T-20 Torx head which is not as common as the ubiquitous flat, Phillips or hex head. Although Torx bits and screwdrivers are readily available, supplying the tool in the kit may save you from having to make a trip to the hardware store in the middle of your project.) Also included is a four page, step-by-step installation guide with full color photos.

For more detailed installation information, please refer to the installation instructions. They are provided in the kit and are also available on-line in Adobe PDF format.

Click here to see the Install Instructions in Adobe PDF format

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Lifetime Warranty

I stand behind my product and I want you to be happy with your purchase.

Each kit is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the kit.

I am very careful during the manufacturing process and quality control inspection to weed out anything that could potentially cause a problem down the road. However, as is the case with any mechanical item, there is always a chance for failure no matter how controlled the manufacturing process may be. As such, should this repair kit break or prove unsatisfactory to you, please contact me and I will be happy to replace it or refund your purchase price. (In the event of a warranty claim, you will be responsible for the postage cost to mail the kit back to me, but I will cover the cost of shipping the replacement to you.)


This repair kit fits the 2002-2005 Jeep Liberty, and it will also work on a 2006 Liberty as long as it was built prior to February 26, 2006. If you have a 2006 Liberty, you will need to know its build date in order to tell if this kit will work for you. Just in case you need some help in this area, I have put together a page explaining how to determine your Liberty's build date. (Note: This kit will also repair a 2006 Liberty built after 2/25/2006 or a 2007 Liberty but only if the window in question has had Jeep TSB 23-014-08 performed. When this TSB is performed, the regulator and glass are swapped out for the original style units. For more information about this, please see the wizard link below.)

This kit is designed for the front doors only - it will not work on the rear doors. (A kit which repairs the rear doors is also available.)

This kit is not ambidextrous - there is a separate kit for the left and right windows. Part number SP13003 is for the right front door and part number SP13004 is for the left front door.

This kit was designed to repair the power window regulator. Manual windows were available in the Liberty, but this kit will not work on a manual window regulator.

Which door is right and which is left? "Left" and "Right" as mentioned above are referenced from the perspective of someone sitting in the vehicle. (I try to avoid referencing the doors by "driver" or "passenger" side because this can vary from vehicle to vehicle - the driver's side door is on the left in the USA or Canada, but it would be on the right in the UK or Australia.) If you are having difficulty determining whether you need the left front or right front kit, the easiest way to think of it is to picture yourself sitting in the vehicle. You can also refer to the diagram below, which shows a bird's eye view of a Liberty and identifies each door.

Not sure which kit you need?

Find out by using the

Jeep Liberty Window Regulator Repair Kit Wizard

SP13003 - Right Front - 2002-2006* Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit - $99.95
SP13004 - Left Front - 2002-2006* Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit - $99.95
* - Will not work on most 2006 models built after 2/25/2006. If in doubt, please use the wizard and/or spotter's guide.

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