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Welcome to Steiger Performance - your source for a variety of unique and innovative automotive and motorcycle products. Although my original focus was on Dodge trucks and the Suzuki Intruder motorcycle, I currently manufacture an eclectic mix of items for many different applications. Steiger Performance is probably best known for its line of power window regulator repair kits for the Jeep Cherokee and Liberty.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Based on my Suzuki Intruder vibration damper kits, this is a universal kit which should fit in just about any bike with 1" handlebars.
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I am currently in the process of exploring the possibility of creating a power window regulator repair kit for the 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty. If the power window regulator in your 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty has broken and you are interested in providing me with your broken window regulator to use for prototyping purposes and/or are interested in beta testing a repair kit, please contact me. I would be happy to reimburse you for your shipping costs as well as provide you with free repair kits in the event that a solution is developed.

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Some Random Testimonials

1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee Power Window Regulator Repair Kit:                        Random Testimonial

Jon, I just wanted to thank you for getting the kit to me so quickly. I started taking the door apart about 9:30 this morning and the mail came around 10, so I followed the instructions and put everything back together and it works like new! Very nice little kit and great instructions. So glad I found your site. Took a total of about 3 hours, only because it was so cold and had to come in a few times to warm up-LOL. Thanks again!

--Randy in MO
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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit (2002-2006 Rear Door):                        Random Testimonial

Fast shipping, great directions with product.

--Randy in CA
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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit (2006-2007 Front Door):                        Random Testimonial

I just finished the fix of later model Jeep Liberty that I had emailed you about.

I am blown away. I was in an unheated garage, it was 14 degrees celcius (Canada), and the fix went exactly as you said it would. Everything works, your part is ridiculously well built and I am smiling ear to ear! The fix took me about 2 hrs, buts that's because I had to break and play with my son who was trying to help me out!

I haven't even put my tools away yet and decided I had to email you.

I am seriously going to go out of my way to talk to other Liberty owners about this part. I'll even offer to install it for people if they are too afraid to do it themselves.

WOW...thanks so much for filling this void, and thanks for delivering the type of quality that should already exist in the Jeep!!!

Cheers, and you'll be hearing from me in the future, as I think I'll most likely get the other parts and replace them before we have another break on the road with the three remaining doors.

--Morgan in Saskatchewan, Canada
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1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee Power Window Regulator Repair Kit:                        Random Testimonial

Personal Service and Product make this one exceptional seller Thanks Jon!

--Ben in CA
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Jeep Liberty Power Window Regulator Repair Kit (2002-2006 Rear Door):                        Random Testimonial

Great product! worked like a charm.

--Raeburn in MD
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